Tuesday 15 June 2021
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4 Advantages of Installing Security Systems in Your Business

Criminals look for weaknesses, they exploit poorly guarded premises so they can break in and steal valuable items. The most effective way to stop burglars gaining access to your premises is to install a state of the art security system. It never sleeps, never needs to take a lunch break and constantly monitors your property 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  1. Stop Employees Stealing

Unfortunately, it is a fact that a lot of businesses suffer from in-house theft, their own employees regularly steal from the company and with no security measures in place they cost your business a lot of money. Recent surveys carried out in the East Midlands suggest that up to 60% of employees have stolen from their employers and without adequate security systems in place they’ll continue to do so. Once an employee knows no one is watching, it makes it much more tempting to steal because they know they won’t get caught. So, if you think you may be suffering from employee theft, contact a professional security company and inquire about security systems in Leicester which can put an end to your problems.

  1. Monitor Staff

If you’re receiving numerous complaints about certain employees causing problems to customers or not pulling their weight during opening hours, a security system will help you to find out the truth about these rumours. You can’t just go and accuse staff members of being negligent or disruptive, you must have proof before you confront them, a security camera provides crystal clear evidence which nobody can deny when they are shown their behaviour on a monitor.

You can also monitor your staff and assess how they work, you may find ways to improve productivity by reviewing the work day using your newly installed system. There may be something the naked eye has missed that hasn’t gotten past your eagle-eyed cameras.

  1. Legal Issues

Your company may suffer from false claims and accusations which can quickly be resolved by replaying a tape to clarify what happened during a particular incident. Top of the range security camera not only film but provide high quality audio features so you can hear exactly what is going on in your business. If you are confronted with something such as a personal injury claim you can scan back over the video footage to identify the incident and assess the situation. You’ll be able to see whether the acquisition warrants further attention.

  1. Convenience

In today’s technologically advanced society, your security system can be controlled from a hand-held device, you can sit in your office and monitor your tablet to see what is going on around your property. Installing surveillance allows you to check your business both inside and outside without having to leave your office, you can avail of a system which offers maximum convenience and added security.

Every company needs an adequate security system in place to prevent their property from experiencing theft, damage and other criminal behaviour. Security surveillance is becoming more and more affordable, and even businesses with a relatively small budget can install a proficient system.


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