Sunday 25 July 2021
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4 Things To Look For In A Good Travel Insurance Policy

There are many things you need to do and get before you leave on an international trip.

Besides booking flights and hotel rooms, you also have to get money in the currency of the country you’re traveling to with a money transfer service, you have to pack your bags and make some sacrifices for items you don’t need, and you’ll have to leave your itinerary with friends or family.

But one more thing that you should consider getting is travel insurance.

Many people neglect to buy travel insurance because they view it as a needless expense, but the truth is that travel insurance can really save your bacon if you land yourself in a foreign hospital, lose valuable items, or have to cancel your trip early to name a few things.

That being said, not all travel insurance policies are created equally, and you want to be very careful that you actually read the fine print of the policies you are considering.

Here are four things to look for in a good travel insurance policy:

1 – Medical Coverage

This is the big one, which is why we’re talking about it first. Your current health insurance policy is extremely unlikely to cover medical expenses in a foreign country, so you’ll need to use travel insurance instead.

The best travel insurance policies will cover the cost for up to one million dollars of medical expenses in a foreign country, though granted, the policy may not cover the treatment if it can wait for your return to the United States. This is why reading the fine print is so critical.

2 – Personal Liability Coverage

The best travel insurance policies will also offer personal liability coverage for damage to someone else’s property or for accidental physical injury to somebody. The plan should ideally offer at least one million dollars in coverage; some plans will even offer up to two million, though it’s much rarer.

3 – Lost Baggage Coverage

If your baggage is lost or stolen, your travel insurance policy should offer you coverage to at least up to one thousand dollars. This one is important if you lose any valuable items such as jewelry or anything else of roughly equal value.

4 – Cancelled/Shortened Trip Coverage 

If you have to cancel your trip and return home early, but if your airline tickets or hotel room reservations are non-refundable, then travel insurance can help you out here too. The best travel insurance coverage will offer you a minimum of two thousand dollars of coverage in the event of travel cancellations on non-refundable flights and hotel rooms.

Buying Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is something that many travelers neglect to get because they don’t believe that it’s truly necessary. But in reality, travel insurance can be a very wise investment should anything major go wrong on your trip, and the best plans will have the above coverages in their policies.

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