Tuesday 15 June 2021
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A Comprehensive Guide to Cosmetic Dentistry and Insurance Coverage

Despite its ever-booming fame, cosmetic dentistry is surrounded by uncertainty and countless questions. Some individuals associate it with Hollywood dentists and fake smiles, while others believe that fixing their crooked or chipped teeth might fit under the cosmetic category for their dental insurance plans.

What’s cosmetic dentistry?

Generally, cosmetic dentistry refers to the use of dental treatments and various procedures to enhance the appearance of teeth and the mouth. That means cosmetic dentistry deals with personal preferences rather than health issues. However, some procedures might help fix some health issues and boost the appearance of your teeth. If you are battling with gum disease and other related dental issues, it is recommended to visit a Miami periodontist for professional medical attention.

Cosmetic dentistry and insurance coverage

Nearly all cosmetic dental procedures can be very expensive but also have become widely available over the last couple of years. The growing demand for these dental procedures and the advances in the treatment processes are both contributing to the increasing popularity of cosmetic dentistry. The cost of each procedure varies depending on the type of cosmetic dental treatment you need.

Most people are in search of insurance cover or discounted plan to help them handle the cost of cosmetic dental services. Often, this proves challenging as many insurance companies don’t offer insurance options that cover cosmetic dental procedures. On the other hand, discounted dental plans usually offer some level of discount on these procedures. Regardless of what option you prefer, a discounted dental plan or insurance can go a long way in helping take some of the pressure off the already expensive price of cosmetic dental services.

Choosing the right insurance plan

As mentioned earlier, most medical insurance providers don’t offer cosmetic dentistry options. For insurance companies that offer coverage for these procedures, their options rarely cover teeth bleaching or whitening. The ones that do are associated with higher deductibles and premiums as they are considered premier plans.

Therefore, you should do enough homework (research) to get a health insurance service provider offering cosmetic dental coverage at an affordable price. AARP Delta Dental Plan “A” for instance, provides coverage on basic dental procedures and many cosmetic dental procedures after 12 months of enrollment. It is recommended to perform extensive research online and ask for referrals from friends, relatives, and colleagues. Talk to various dental insurance providers and choose an option that fits your needs.

Whether you want your teeth whitened or implants, the key to getting affordable dental services is by opting for an insurance option that covers your preferred dental procedure. Both discounted dental plans and insurance covers can keep the cost of dental services down. Regardless of your choice, examine carefully the policy to be sure that it covers all the cosmetic dental treatments you are seeking. This will help you narrow down the challenging task and probably make the right choice.

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