Tuesday 3 August 2021
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A Guide to Organising an Outdoor Event

If you are soon to have the responsibility of managing an outdoor event, there is much to consider before you do anything. The venue is perhaps the first thing that needs to be sourced, and once that has been done, you will need to list the essential services you will need on the day. Exactly what you will need would depend very much on the type of event you are holding, but with some careful planning, you should end up with a list of services.

Basic Services

Of course, the participants and guests will require adequate toilet facilities, and perhaps a few VIP toilet-shower units, for performers to prepare or special guests to freshen up. If the event is to be held in the north of England, there is affordable portable shower hire in Leeds, and the hire company would have a host of other portable amenities on offer, should you require them. The toilets would be fully serviced by the hire company, and with delivery and collection taken care of, you can focus on other aspects of the event.


Whatever the event, you will need media equipment, and there are specialist companies who can set you up with everything from a simple stage and microphone set up to a full blown concert arrangement, and everything in between. If people are to present, then make sure their presentations are duplicated and kept safely on a memory stick, just in case, and with a large screen and projector, make sure that the farthest tables can see and hear clearly. You would require testing a few hours prior to the event starting, and this would ensure that all mics are working and the system is in place.

Cover Options

It is impossible to plan an outdoor event in the UK without taking precautions against rain, which as we all know, can come at any time. Obviously the summer months are the only time you can really hold an outdoor event, and with a marquee or two in the background, the event can quickly be moved in the event of rain. Marquee tents are a popular choice for many summer wedding receptions, and with adequate portable toilet units in the right locations, the stage is set.

Parking Facilities

Obviously, there needs to be more than enough parking spaces, and you should have a fairly good idea how many people will attend. If you are hiring a farmer’s field for the event, check that the ground is not soft, as heavy rain could cause serious issues, and don’t forget to have at least two car park marshals, who can direct the parking. Also consider security. For this you should hire a security company fit enough for your big events. Taking nothing to chance, they have the guns and AK-47 rifles to combat even the toughest criminal situations arising.

This is a job for someone with good organisational skills, and using the Internet, it is possible to source all the services you require, which will save you a lot of time and money, and with everything arranged, you can relax and enjoy the event, just as everyone else will.

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