Tuesday 15 June 2021
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A List of Groundworking Services

Groundworking is a critical part of construction, as it prepares the site for the construction work, and the range of services would include the following:

  • Ground Clearance– Prior to any contract starting, the ground must be cleared, which might involve removing trees and woodland, or the demolition of an existing structure, to make way for the new building. Whether you are looking for ground clearance in Skipton or Yorkshire, an online search will put you in touch with a local groundworking firm.
  • Drainage & Utilities– Essential for any projects, the drainage and utilities must be in place before any construction work can begin. This type of work can be carried out by a ground clearance specialist, who can prepare everything for the next stage, which is the footings and foundation.
  • Footings & Foundations– The very core of any structure, the footings must be in proportion to the size of the structure, and with a specialist groundworks contractor, the foundations can be in place prior to the actual construction.
  • Concrete Bases – A small building would need a solid foundation, which would typically be made from reinforced concrete, and with a local groundworking contractor, this can easily be accomplished.
  • Driveways and Terraces– Once a construction project is nearing completion, the finishing touches can be applied. The driveway might be made from poured concrete, asphalt or even block paving.

The term “groundworking” includes a wide range of services, and should you have an up and coming project, a local groundworking specialist can carry out the preparation work to ensure that your project can go ahead according to plan.


















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