Tuesday 15 June 2021
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A pocket knife for the modern knifeman

The Chris Reeve Sebenza is undoubtedly one of the best pocket knives in production. The quality and perfection in design well justifies the steep cost of the knife. But is it really worth investing in the Sebenza? Read on to find out.

The Sebenza has been in production since 1987, and it has undergone significant changes over the years in its path to achieving perfection. The original handmade knives were replaced by the Original profile in 1990, the Regular in 1996, the Classic in 2000, the Sebenza 21 in 2008 to commemorate the 21st year of Sebenza, and the latest one in 2012 that was christened the Sebenza 25, this model is much sleeker than its earlier counterparts.

The Sebenza can easily be considered as Chris’s pet project- striving towards creating the perfect pocket knife for the modern man. One of the defining features of this knife is the Large Hollow Grinds, which blends perfectly with both hollow grinds and flat grinds to give the knife a truly futuristic look and feel. The blade itself is made from high quality steel and titanium handles to add to its visual appeal and the structural strength. Just looking at the knife is enough to know that the phrases like “rock solid” and “bank vault” actually hold weight.

The pivot is a phosphor bronze washer, which gives the blade its butter like smooth operability. Chris Reeve’s prefers making different versions of the knife for left and right hand users, thus positioning the thumb studs appropriately on either designs. The pivot mechanism is designed to hold grease well, yet sweeps away any dust on the edge every time the knife is opened. This keeps the blade nice and clean, and helps it look as good as new for long.

The bronze washer located on the lock side gives the pivot a slick manoeuvrability, while the integral lock mechanism is designed to retain its shape even after decades of use. The Sebenza is a well-known knife, even among novices. The Company’s obsession with engineering is showcased in the ergonomic design of the knife. Nothing feels as good as a Sebenza in your hand. It is more than just a knife; it is an engineering marvel that has been perfected over decades of meticulous designing and redesigning. The blade assures unparalleled tactical strength, thus allowing you to cut all kinds of stuff efficiently.

Choose from the wide range of KnivesshipFree Sebenza knives to experience first-hand what it feels like to hold, what is possibly, the best knife in the market. You will be surprised to experience the dexterity ad efficiency with which you can slice through most kinds of things, effortlessly and quickly.

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