Saturday 10 April 2021
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There are so many ways through which you can make your party more exciting, happening and memorable, well bounce houses are one of them. In past few years, inflatables have gained wide popularity because they are easily available and not so expensive. In fact, these days you will find inflatable at every party no matter whether it is birthday party or wedding reception and even at commercial events as well. They are very fun, colorful and best form of entertainment in party. It will keep children busy, while on other hand parents can enjoy the function. Along with this, inflatables can be best way of burning energy and exercising as when you will jump on it fat will burn.

What make commercial inflatables so famous?

Different types of inflatable is available out there in market, but commercial inflatables always remain in great demand. This is because they are made of high quality material and inexpensive in comparison to others. They are made for take down, fast set up and frequent use. Along with this, they are even meant for large commercial functions and can accommodate big events easily.

Knowing about commercial inflatables many party planners are investing in one, but before buying they should keep in mind to go for such bounce house that can provide benefit to their business. Nowadays, companies are manufacturing bounce house in commercial version also with many adventurous features such as twenty feet water slide, double water slide and many more. Not only this, several manufacturers are in market who can provide excellent commercial bounce house for sale price.

Different types of bounce houses

You will easily find hundreds of bounce houses for sale online, but choosing anyone among so many can be quite challenging. Therefore, while buying one you must consider party theme, budget, fun element and many such things in mind. It should be such that everyone will love and especially kids, so to clear doubts here are some popular types of inflatables:

Safari bounce house: This is perfect for all type of events and best for kids who want to try something new each time. Safari bounce house include tall and short mushrooms, tunnels, slides, trees, ladders and short holes from which kids can go through. In fact, it can also be used just for jumping.

Obstacle bounce house: It include various hurdles which are attached with main area of bounce houses. The kids can maneuver through trees and holes, climb wall, slide, crawl under tunnel and many more. In fact, it is best for commercial event and parties as adults can also participate in this type of bounce house.

Moon bounce house: It is often known as bounce house, inflatable castle or bouncy castle. It usually have jumping floor and most importantly only a moon bouncer features a jumping floor. Moon bounce house is also available in commercial and residential version as well.

Slide inflatable house: This type of bounce house has some sort of water system that help in operating the slides. Slide inflatable house come in two different options which are wet slide and dry slide. It is made of rubberized canvas material which makes it more slippery and even prevent children from getting injured.

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