Sunday 25 July 2021
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Become an Agile mentor with the ICP-ACC designation – here is how you can get there

Companies that are adopting Agile need the right professionals on the floor. These are the ones who provide the inspiration that brings teams together so they can work in the common direction. The mentorship role is very crucial for an Agile team to dispense its duties efficiently over the long run. Attitude and team dynamics are crucial elements that need to be maintained. The ICP-ACC designation provides you the way to take up the role of an Agile mentor. The ICAgile Certified Professional – Agile Certified Coach is one of the Continuous Learning Certifications that are part of the Agile Coaching and Facilitation track. KnowledgeHut’s ICP-ACC workshop focuses on understanding an Agile Coach’s roles and responsibilities and it also dwells on the mindset required. Become part of this ICP Agile Certified Coach training and be part of interactive lessons and practice sessions that will make you ready for real-world situations. Discover more about this course and its benefits.

About the ICP-ACC Course Agenda

Developing the Agile mindset is a central theme to the ICP-ACC training along with learning about the different roles, responsibilities and actions that Agile coaches have at their disposal. The ICP-ACC course by KnowledgeHut is scheduled for 3 days and it will be divided into multiple modules. The first module is based on the Agile coaching mindset. Next, the trainer will delve into the responsibilities of Agile coaches and the skills required to be one. Some of the topics covered in the modules include the coaching stance and the differences between coaching and mentoring. Participants will also be taught about team development and the process of setting up the ideal team environment for an Agile process. Towards the end of the course, there will be detailed lessons on conflict resolution and the role of the Agile mentor in this regard. This KnowledgeHut course is ideal for product owners, professionals with Agile leadership roles, Scrum Masters and Agile coaches.

Benefits of the Course

After this workshop, participants will gain the necessary skill set and confidence to become effective Agile mentors. On successful completion, they will get their designation from ICAgile, the most recognized Agile certification body. As a course student, you will also get 24 PDUs and SEUs. KnowledgeHut will provide a course completion certificate along with the Agile coach toolkit. You can also download the courseware for future reference. After the workshop, you can be part of meetings and one-on-one sessions with established Agile coaches.

Why should I choose KnowledgeHut?

KnowledgeHut is known across the world for its interactive courses and training sessions which combine the essentials of a classroom environment and modern delegation methods. KnowledgeHut trainers are recognized by the relevant industry and certification bodies and bring a lot of experience with them. Thousands of professionals have pushed their career forward on the basis of what they have learnt in a KnowledgeHut course. The ICP-ACC training is your doorway to a very important role in the organization. Register now.

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