Tuesday 3 August 2021
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Become Successful In Rebranding Your Business With These 7 Strategies

You may apply a winning strategy right at the start of your business; but what if things change and your brand no longer delivers the message you want it to? It may be a damaged reputation or a changed target audience; there are a lot of reasons why you need a rebranding of your business. However, a real rebranding means a lot more than a new name, logo and site redesign – it’s a pretty complicated process.

Want to rebrand your business? Here are tips shared by the experts from a top branding agency Sydney – BrandQuest.

1. Think about the Big Picture

Don’t waste a lot of time getting lost in the story behind the brand assets. Branding professionals can be great storytellers; however, keep in mind that almost no one will pay that keen attention to the meaning of every tiny element in your logo.

2. Be Focused

Keep in mind that branding is as much regarding what you are not as regarding what you are. Many businesses don’t apply the discipline needed to narrow in what’s so special or unique about them. In order to get a large market share, they try to include all their markets or customers and end up with a brand indistinct from their competitors. A brand that refers to everything is the one that refers to nothing.

3. Let an Expert Do the Job

Help of experts is essential, not only for startups but also for established companies. It’s common for you or your teammates to get too close to the brand to be objective. It’s up to you whether you hire a consultant just for an hour or 6 months, but having the unbiased opinion of an expert will prove to be invaluable for example, a corporate branding strategy from BrandQuest.

4. Identify Your Audience

Identifying your audience is a prime requirement. You should know who already admires your brand and which new audience you should plan to reach. Are you planning to get new customers or excite your current fans again? While rebranding, you should get people’s eyes on your new look while not losing your original fan base.

5. Don’t Forget to Strategise Your Proclamation

With so much attention and efforts for the rebrand, it’s quite easy to forget about planning the strategy for declaring it to the world. It’s essential to remember that people have nothing to do with logos and names – they are only concerned about how the rebrand will change their experience with your company positively.

Also make sure that you are not skipping the things people like about your company. You should strategise your statement about the change to explain that they will get the features they already love in addition to new, exciting features.

6. Ensure that It’s Legal

Another very important thing to remember is to ensure that you have the legal right to use the new name you’ve chosen. It’s unimaginable how so many business owners commit the mistake of selecting a name and then continuing with branding efforts like logo, website, signage, etc while they aren’t even aware of who else is using the same or identical name.

Getting help from a trademark attorney to do a search on the name is very important while a business is rebranding.

7. Don’t Forget Social Media

Work with a professional branding company with clear branding goals. The branding company should have a significant experience in naming. Especially with the arrival of social media, you have to ensure that your new business name is an available, clear trademark and the domain is available, as are your prime social media addresses.

Rebranding should be done carefully and you have to consider so many factors. Only then you can become successful in rebranding your business.

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