Tuesday 15 June 2021
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Benefitting Business – The Advantages of a Using a Serviced Office in Manila

The serviced office has long been a staple of the business landscape, and for more than forty years. As a part of these offices, professionals no longer have to worry about furnishing their own space or providing some of the amenities that go with running an office. In many ways, the serviced office has simplified the office search.

This is also the case with the serviced office industry in the Philippines. While the country is still rife with opportunity and entrepreneurs look for the many different ways to maximise their business ideas, finding suitable office space can be challenging if doing it on your own. However, there are other advantages to leasing the serviced office, including its cost-effectiveness. Please click onto the following link to see an example of the type of office you might rent.

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of utilising a serviced office to break into the Filipino marketplace.


The infrastructure in the Philippines is such that unless you know the terrain well you should be wary of leasing in places where the utilities are not reliable (namely electricity) or there is not adequate transit. Because the country is made up of almost 7,000 islands, it makes providing the country with the type of infrastructure that promotes business on an international level difficult.

However, the serviced office can provide your business with reasonable office solutions because not only do their agents have knowledge of zoning laws, but they also have the years of experience as it relates to living and working in the area. Finding an office that is in proximity to reliable transit or one that is centrally located is not a problem if working with a serviced office leasing company.


Another great benefit to using the serviced office format in the Philippines is many of these offices are in affluent business districts or in high traffic areas. Your business gets the benefit of being in a high-traffic area that feeds into your business and you benefit from having access to resources and people in the area. Furthermore, by being in a centrally located area such as Manila’s business district you increase your business’s visibility.


Another great benefit of the serviced office is you can adjust your office’s needs as your business grows. Many of the plans are flexible and affordable enough to allow your business to get in on a great deal while making it possible to expand, relocate and scale down your options if desired. With the various plans, businesses can find themselves fit out with a simple virtual office and grow into an executive suite by simply modifying the lease.


Like with real estate in general, the closer to the urban centres and financial business districts the higher the rents. However, the serviced office gives renters an inexpensive alternative to paying high rents in premium districts. Again, as stated previously, ridiculously high rentals can play a part in swallowing up starting funds, which really can hinder progress when you need your funding for other parts of the business.


The serviced office can also fit out your business with world-class IT services that are very much a part of the modern business landscape. With a serviced office, you do not have to worry about the issues that go with networks being interrupted or failing altogether. In fact, the technology provided to these offices is rivalled to those found in traditional corporate offices.

The Benefits Of The Serviced Office

While there are other benefits to the serviced office, in the Philippines, this office format allows those suitable office space without enduring the trials of renting a space in an unfamiliar place. The serviced office places businesses in a centrally located area while making it affordable. Finally, these spaces rival much of the furnishings and technologies you would find among other corporate offices.

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