Tuesday 15 June 2021
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Best Five Quilting Machines for Beginners

When it comes to the purchase of a quilting machine, most people normally make their decision based on their available space and cost. There are different types of sewing machines which you can use for quilting and these include long-arm quilting machines which can occupy a lot of space in your sewing room. However, there are many other considerations you should make when making a decision on the right kind of sewing machine for quilting. This article will highlight 5 top quilting machines you should consider especially if you are a beginner. These sewing machines are selected based on user reviews, cost and ease of use: –

Computerized Brother CS6000i Sewing Machine

This is a great entry level machine that offers great accessories and feature. It is also inexpensive considering that you can achieve so much while using it. It has 7 1-step buttonhole styles, 60 stitches and an auto needle threader. Additionally, it comes with a quilting table that caters for all your quilting needs. You can create perfect quilts on the table as it comes with a nice touch. Brother CS6000i also has walking foot which makes it easier for you to make thicker quilts.

Singer 7469Q Confidence Quilter

Though a bit pricey, Singer confidence quilter has a lot of features to offer and these you’ll find to be useful for your sewing work. The sewing machine has an auto needle threader, 98 stitches, 7 different versions of 1-step buttonholes and a drop-in bobbin mechanism. Amazingly, this is a great quilting machine as it comes with a variation of 4 quilting feet plus a big quilting table. It also has an up/down programmable needle feature to help make your quilting and appliqué easier. When you want to do free motion sewing, the singer sewing machine offers a drop feed which makes it possible.

Laura Ashley CX155LA  Limited Edition

This computerized sewing machine is also great for quilters who are just beginning. It is made by Brother and comes with some amazing features and accessories which are meant to make your work easier and enjoyable. The CX155LA limited edition has an auto-needle threader, a variation of 8 different 1-step buttonhole styles, 155 stitches and 55 alphanumeric stitches for those interested in embroidery. It also has a large quilting table plus 11 quilting and sewing feet.

Computerized Brother HC1850 sewing machine

This is yet another great buy for quilting beginners. Not only is it inexpensive but also offers a good package of features and accessories including 130 stitches. The machine is lightweight thus making it easily portable. While heavier machines are considered great for heavy-duty quilting and sewing projects, this exceptional machine perfectly does stand out at its price.  It has a programmable up/down needle.

Janome 1600p-qc

This is a high-speed quilting machine that is not only suitable for beginners but advanced quilters as well. It is heavy-duty and guarantees high quality output compared to many other models found in the market. It has the capability of stitching 1600 stitches per minute without causing any problems. It would be a great machine especially if you have developed your quilting skills over time and would want to transition from beginner to advanced level.

These five quilting machines are ideal not only for beginner but even advanced quilters will find them valuable. You can buy them online or in the local store depending with your preference and cost.

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