Tuesday 15 June 2021
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Can rain play a foul sport to your perfectly planned getaway? Not if you are at an all-inclusive resort

You have been planning for that perfect vacation for months now. You have spent countless hours on your research on all those luxury resorts trying to find out where you can have the best few days. You have browsed through quite a few sites like and have finally settled on that perfect value for money holiday. You had it all planned out in your mind to enjoy the sun on that white sand beach staring at the turquoise vastness in front of you. All that you forgot was taking a weather update.

The moment you step into the resort the rain starts coming down in torrents. You have quite a few days ahead of you, and the deluge doesn’t seem like stopping any time soon. You can undoubtedly bid your wishes of getting a tan goodbye.

However, it’s not all that bad and let’s try and find out how we can make the best out of the situation before we go into depression. Most all-inclusive resorts today offer a lot of entertainments and engagements that can still keep you occupied and happy indoors.

Time to get a spa:

Good that it’s raining!!! You finally get an excuse to go for a spa that you had been thinking of for a long time now. Most resorts have fantastic offerings on a whole range of spas ranging from general to medicinal as well. Book one as per your wish, a club that with a session in the jacuzzi or the sauna and find yourself completely rejuvenated at the end of it all.

Go swimming:

Most luxury resorts have beautiful swimming pools, and almost all of them come with a view. So, what if you are not on the beach. You can still be overlooking the sea and swim in the pool with raindrops kissing you. The experience can be surreal. You should try it.

Hit the gym:

Not being able to go out can be your most excellent excuse to hit the fitness centre for a few days. Al these resorts have a great state of the art gyms with experienced in-house trainers. You will anyways be under a pile of paperwork once you are back to the office with hardly any time for yourself. Why not make the most of it now and try burning out those extra calories? It’s never wrong to get into shape.

Get Lazy:

Well, sometimes doing nothing can be the best thing to do. Order room service for your breakfast. Hold that cup of coffee while you are still in bed and stare out of the window looking at those falling drops. You cannot even imagine what a sense of calmness this can bring to you. You can get a book if they have a collection or order a movie and spent the day doing nothing and just being lazy.

Experience food:

The resort is sure to have quite a few restaurants serving up cuisines all different from each other. Plan to try out all of them. Hit the buffet more than once if you like it. You can ask the resort if there are any excellent restaurant nearby serving local cuisine. It can be the great idea to enjoy the evening at a local joint getting to know the people and the food.

Retail therapy:

For a lot of us, shopping can be a great stress buster. Find out from the resort about the nearby shopping scenes. If it’s raining, it’s better to go to a mall. Get a look at all the local artefacts and crafts that the place has to offer. Pick up souvenirs for family and friends back home. You can also find something that you love for yourself. Get a lot of steam out and help the local community as well.

So now you see that you don’t have to be all sad and depressed if rain has tried playing a foul sport with your perfect vacation. There are so many things that an all-inclusive resort has on offer for you. The idea for you is to be happy, let go of the worries and be reenergized at the end of it all. To do that you do not need it to be sunny all the time. You can find more than one way to spend the best time of your life at the resort and maybe end up with a more than perfect vacation.

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