Tuesday 15 June 2021
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Can you trade like a hedge fund manager

We all think the hedge fund managers are the God in the investment business. They know every bit of details and thus they can easily manage million dollar funds. But we never peak into the real scenario of the hedge fund managers. They also lose money just like any new traders in Singapore. But due to their strong risk management skills, they can easily cover up the loss. They are the one who knows the perfect way to recover the big losses at trading. So, can you trade like the hedge fund manager? Well, we are going to discuss some important skills of the hedge fund managers and you can decide whether you can trade like them or not.

They are risk-takers

Being a hedge fund manager is not an easy task. They have managed the pro investor’s fund who never forgets to get the cut from the profit. So, the hedge fund managers are required to make a certain amount of money by trading the asset. Usually, this percentage should be higher than the savings account interest rate. If this not higher, no investors are going to invest money since they can earn money from the yearly interest from any kind of savings account. So, it’s very obvious the hedge fund managers have to make a certain portion of profit every month. They always take the calculative risks to secure a decent portion of the profit. So, if you think you can take a risk like hedge fund managers, you can trade like them.

They are a focus on quality trade execution

The best thing about the hedge fund managers lies within their trade execution skills. They always look for the best trade setups in thetrading platform. They never try to take a chance of low-quality signals. Taking a small risk on the average quality trade setup doesn’t fall into their principle. In a word, they are more like a perfectionist. Unless they have the perfect signals which suit their personality they place any trade. For the retail traders, it’s very hard to stay in the sideline. Getting emotional and trading the real market is another reason for losing money. So, if you think you can wait for weeks to find one good trades, you have the quality of the hedge fund manager.

Ability to recover the loss

 No one can say, they will never lose money in trading. Even the best hedge fund managers lose money in the Forex market. But they have the unique ability to recover the loss. Even after losing 2-3 % of the account balance they never become frustrated. In a word, they are trading the market without any emotions. If you can control your emotions, you can recover the loss. Though it might sound easy, sticking to your trading strategy after losing some few trades is a very hard task. Being a new trader, you should always follow the conservative trading technique and trade this market with strict rules. Once you learn to trade this market with proper discipline, you can expect to make big profits without having any hassle.

Stay tuned with the global market

The professional hedge fund managers always stay tuned with the global economy. Instead of blindly trading the market based on technical data, they rely on the major news. By analyzing the high impact news, they take important decisions on the Forex market and make big profits. If you want to become a skilled trader in the Forex market, you must learn to analyze the fundamental factors. Once you learn the three major forms of market analysis, you can expect to trade like the hedge fund managers. But never start trading with a big capital since it requires experience to deal with big investment. Slowly follow the path of the skilled mangers to change your life.

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