Tuesday 3 August 2021
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Comparing Restaurant Point of Sale Systems

In the restaurant industry, the point of sale systems on tablets, either Android or Windows-based have become very popular and successful options. With more people moving towards using cards to pay for things, including going out for a meal, more restaurants need to find a point of sale system in Denver or where they are to keep customers happy. But a POS system is more than just the credit card processing capabilities. For restaurants, there are several things to consider when you look at different options, here is a closer look at what to look for.

POS hardware that is waterproof – A POS system in Denver or elsewhere in a restaurant would greatly benefit from the hardware being waterproof. Drink spills happen no matter how great your waiting staff is, and you do not want that damaging your hardware. The kind of needs and risks to the hardware in a restaurant is different from a retail business.

A large touch screen – For better efficiency, happier customers and therefore better tips a large touch screen is important for both the servers and bar staff. Easy to read and see icons and an easy to use system keep the speed of service up which means more orders from more customers, and therefore more payments.

Something with multiple functions – As well as being able to take multiple orders, sending food orders to the kitchen and drink orders to the bar, having something like a time clock on it can be helpful too. It can help manage servers’ schedules, removing or at least reducing the need to track such things as hours worked via an outdated paper system. It can also help to manage kitchen inventory, give sales reports, help you see what is most popular on your menu and allow you to offer a refund or a discount as needed.

Something that does not take up a lot of space –  A restaurant point of sale system in Denver and elsewhere in the country should not take up a huge amount of space. That is space for a customer, or for other bar or restaurant equipment that you could be using. Choose something with a small and sleeker footprint that suits your décor.

Comes with free installation and full customer support –  You are already probably very busy, the restaurant business is fast and hard. The last thing you need is a system you have to set up yourself or to have one that has no useful customer support in case you need technical support. Therefore look for a POS system that comes with free and full installation and for 24/7 customer service as well as technical support. You need to know when there is a glitch you will have someone to talk you through it so your business does not lose money. An interesting option some restaurants choose is to get a system that comes with remote support so you do not need to wait for a technician, they can do it remotely.


Whichever point of sale in Colorado Springs you settle on be sure it meets your specific needs, there are no hidden fees or costs and you get the kind of support level you need.

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