Saturday 24 July 2021
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Generally the steroids are used to treat various medical conditions, to enhance the process of reproduction, increase the metabolism rate as well as improving the immune system, increasing the muscle mass and to gain muscles by body builders and athletes.

Various medical institutions have conducted research and describe many side and adverse effects of steroids which can also occur even the person uses them for a shorter term. If the person uses steroids for long term in order to promote the growth of tissue and muscle then he will be likely to suffer various adverse effects that are of wide reach and destruction. The experiences in steroid use indicates various side effects such as aggressive behavior, emotional and mental confusion, disorders in digestion, muscular tensions, difficulty in the management of required exercises, cardio and heart disorders that requires control and treatment and weight control loss.

 Mainly the steroids are prescribed for the treatment of inflammatory diseases of limb joints and lungs but if the person consumes steroids in excessive amount then it can lead to an irreparable damage to the limb joints and lungs without providing any relief in return.

Recently FDA has issued a warnings list regarding the products consumed for body building as they contain drugs. The warnings list indicates damage to the liver, dysfunction of pancreas in the human body; shrink the male/testes infertility in men, male breast development in children and female masculinity in women’s body.

There are various other serious consequences on the health of men, women and children such as making them addicted of the steroids, shorten the growth of children, dangerous effects on the blood lipid levels, decreases the male infertility  and there will be great risk of strokes and heart attack.

Many people suffer from depression and emotional collapse while they want to quit the habit of taking the steroids. It creates problem in the process of rehabilitation. But they are endangering their precious lives when they are taking them. The steroids must be taken with prior consultation of the doctor or medical practitioner in order to lessen the side effects they can have on the body of a person consuming them. The dosage of steroids will be prescribed by the doctor or medical practitioner so that positive results can be attained otherwise under dosage and over dosage can lead to serious results on the body. In order to combat the chronic depression Dwayne Johnson has started taking steroids.

Excessive use of steroids may also result in diluting the hormones in the bloodstream and that will further leads to infection in the kidneys and gives a strain on them.  It also has major impact on the liver function inside the body (that is important for filtering the toxins from the blood). It may create problem in maintaining the cholesterol level and sugar level in the body. It also has a great impact on the development of bones and excessive use results in lessen the children height.

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