Tuesday 3 August 2021
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Explore Kampung Arab for Religious Trip in Indonesia

You can explore Kampung Arab in Indonesia to have different experience in vacation that will be interesting and fun. Moreover if you are visiting Kampung Arab in Ramadhan You will get the most attractive experience in your vacation that can only find once a year. In Indonesia, there are many Kampung Arab that can be found from west to east and will give you strong nuance of Islamic life. You will meet many Arabic ethnics and enjoy their food or lifestyle. It will become the most interesting things you can do in Kampung Arab.

If you want to explore Islamic livelihood in Indonesia with Arabic ethnic, you can visit some Kampung Arab in Indonesia. Here Kampung Arab in Indonesia that can be destination for your vacation.

  • Kampung Arab in Denpasar, Bali

Denpasar becomes favorite destination for vacation and there are so many things that can be found in Denpasar including Arabic ethnic. There is place where the resident is ethnic of Arab. Kampung Arab in Denpasar Bali is located in Sulawesi Street. When visiting Kampung Arab, you will find that they are trader and you can shop many things you need in this location. It will be one of the most interesting to do when you visit Bali.

  • Kampung Arab in Surabaya

In Surabaya, there is also Kampung Arab that can be found in the area of Sunan Ampel graveyard. This is becomes busy place almost every day. You can find ethnic of Arab live in Kampung Arab and many people from many different places because they are doing pilgrimage. If you want to try Arabian culinary, Kampung Arab in Surabaya also offers you many foods and snack.

  • Kampung Arab in Palembang

You can explore Kampung Arab Al-Munawar that located in Palembang. You will welcome by friendly people in this place and there you can find several buildings in Arabic architecture. If you like to take any photos of beautiful places, this place will be a great destination. However, if you visit al-Munawar you have to use proper clothes to respect the people in al-Munawar.

  • Kampung Arab in Malang

Back to the east Java, you can also find the other Kampung Arab in Malang that known as Embong Malang. There is a popular restaurant that will serve Arabic culinary. It is RM Kairo. If you want to look for souvenir, you can also easily find them to bring home as merchandise from Embong Arab Malang.

  • Kampung Arab in Pekalongan

In central Java, there is also Kampung Arab that located in Pekalongan which is also known with its Batik. If you visit Pekalongan to buy Batik, you should not miss to visit kampung Arab.

Exploring places in Indonesia will never enough. Each place offers its special things and interest. Especially in Indonesia there are many cultures, tribes, religions and ethnics that can live together by sides. If you want to feel different nuance of Arabic in Indonesia, then you can explore Kampung Arab in Indonesia that can be found from west to east.

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