Tuesday 15 June 2021
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Five Types Of Desk That Are Available For The Office

A range of desks is available for the office, each with their own set of advantages. You can compare and contrast them to find the desks which suit your employees. Some offices will have a mixture of different desks installed in them.

Which styles of the desk are available in the office?

Bench Desk

  • The bench desk has space for a couple of people to work next to each other. Several desks can be installed in the office.
  • The bench desk allows people to turn to their colleagues for help without having to shout over a partition.
  • The white office desks can be moved easier than a cubicle to another part of the office. This is useful when you are changing the layout of the entire office.
  • The bench desk is high so that people will sit in the correct position whilst they are in the office for several hours each day.
  • These desks will not cost a lot of money to install, so the business is actually going to end up saving some money on the overall office design.
  • Screens can be fitted on the desks so that people have fewer distractions.

Trestle Desk

  • The trestle desk is raised on tall legs so that people can sit erect whilst they are working rather than hurting their backs.
  • The trestle table has enough room for a wide range of different equipment, which will make people much more productive.
  • Trestle tables also have drawers for storage. Pens, papers and electronic equipment can be stored in these drawers with ease.

Corner Desk

  • Corner desks allow people to have a large amount of space whilst they are working.
  • Laptops and computers can be put on one end of the corner desk and paperwork can be put onto the other end of the desk.
  • The employee will be able to move from one end of the desk to the other when they are on a wheeled office chair.
  • This desk means that clutter is not going to build up and employees can separate their paperwork from their electronic equipment.

Square Legs Desk

  • Desks that have square legs are extremely sturdy and reliable.
  • Large amounts of heavy equipment can be placed on the desk that has square legs.
  • The square legs desk will also add a touch of style to the office because they are quite uncommon and not many offices choose to install them.


Laptop Desk

  • Laptop desks are extremely compact so that more people can be seated in one room. This is ideal when you have a small office with a large number of employees.


There are five main types of office desk that you can install. Many offices have specific requirements and layouts. One of the best methods to adopt is to make sure that several different types of the office desk are installed. Managers with their own office might find that corners desks, employees might find that a bench desk is preferable.

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