Saturday 24 July 2021
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Getting a Laundry Business Franchise in Malaysia

You need a significant amount for initial capital when you plan to start a laundry business franchise Malaysia. A laundromat business is one of the few types of businesses that will let you earn without to pay a lot for its operations and maintenance. When you start this type of business, you have to consider several factors such as sufficient parking, adequate utility hookups, and a lot of floor space.

Equipment may also be needed to include the coin-operated and card-operated washers, washer-extractors, and even dryers. You can also include heavy duty and high-speed washing machines that will be able to extract the stains and soil found in fabric. It is also necessary for you to provide tables and areas for customers to fold their laundry. You may also need a restroom, a handwash machine area, and perhaps you may include a video game area or a snack machine. It is important for the laundromat business to be customer-oriented. If it is within a residential setting, make sure that there is something for kids to do while the parents are busy doing laundry. If it is located in a college town, be sure to put it next to dorms, campuses, and other types of student housing.

In no time, the business will start to pick up and you will begin to earn. Once you establish the customer base of the laundromat business, you will make money daily. You are not spending money on workers’ salaries since the business does not require attention. It will always be a standalone and steady income.

If you intend to start your very own laundromat business, the most vital step to take is planning. It may be necessary for you to borrow money from a financial institution. For you to quality for a loan, it is a necessary for you to prove the need of a laundromat business in your area. It is not that difficult since every neighborhood will always be needing a laundromat service particularly in an area where there are many apartment units. A prospectus that spans at least 10 years has to be accomplished and submitted to the financial lender. What is included in the prospectus varies from one lender to the other. You must ask the lender you are dealing with regarding this information.

There are innovative ways for you to earn more from your laundromat business, but if you set them too high the customers might only go to a different laundromat. It can be free drying or washing for a day every week. One other way to increase the profit is to do laundry for them. A normal washer can accommodate 10 to 15 pounds per wash load.

You also have to check the demographics before you decide to put up the laundromat business. The location must be a high traffic area where there are apartment complexes, dorms, and low-income housing units. It is also crucial for you to give the business a catchy business name or you may retain the business name of the current business setup you plan to buy.

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