Sunday 7 March 2021
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How do I Choose the Best Trucking Service

Searching for and finding an ideal freight transport service can be of a major importance to anybody regarding all aspects of operating a successful business. Selecting the right shipping partner will help to save money, meet important deadlines and ensure your products arrive at their destination safely and on time.

There are a number of factors that you should investigate before you make that important decision, including fee schedule, load limitations, sharing loads, guarantees and any special cargo concerns. By checking all of these aspects and locating a trucking company which combines them all perfectly to your needs, you will certainly help your company excel.

Charges, Sizes and Weights

Often the most important factor in the choosing of freight transport in Perth is whether they are affordable. Various freight transport professionals charge in different ways and it is valuable to not only understand the final bill, but what services you are obtaining for the given numbers. Ask any potential trucking company for freight quotes, as most companies charge by combining a fee for the distance travelled with the weight of the cargo. If a company hesitates to give you a final number or start humming and hawing, just give them a wide berth and move on.

Relying upon how much shipping you will do with a trucking service, the size of the load may be a major factor. Should you be operating a small business, make sure that there is no minimum weight limit for shipping, and if there is, are there any extra fees involved. And at the same time, if you are looking at shipping large quantities of freight, you may just be able to negotiate lower rates due to your providing so much business.

Subsidising Costs and Getting Guarantees

One possible way, perhaps, to subsidise costs of a trucking service, especially if you only intend to ship small amounts, is to try to find other companies that may be willing share loads. Basically, this means that a truck will be loaded with goods from a number of other customers, each going to various locations. Many times this can be more cost effective than hiring a full truck, but may often take somewhat longer to deliver due to the other added destinations.

Guarantees are guarantees and therefore essential to confidently run a business and use a trucking service. Ask the potential freight transport company to put all expectations down in writing and this then means you should also negotiate a guaranteed date of delivery with the company in Perth, before the truck departs. Also, and just as important, a respectable company will make sure that there will be handling guarantees that highlight who is made responsible for lost or damaged items during the delivery.

Peace of Mind

Knowing the needs of your product will help you find the best shipping company and give you that peace of mind and a better night’s sleep!

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