Saturday 24 July 2021
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How Online Assessment Optimizes Your Selection Process?

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s all about speed and accuracy and tasks that require tedious paperwork are no doubt a passé in almost every field or line of business. Millennial organizations extensively rely on the convenience of many digital, social networks and mobile platforms to gratify their business needs and assure immediate results.  This hold true especially, for the recruitment and HR arena.

According to a recent research data, nearly 30 percent of the Google’s monthly searches are employment related. This revelation suggests that companies are actively seeking a relief from the daunting, traditional hiring procedures like campus placements that come with countless paper tests, time-consuming individual interviews and screening tests, presentations, group sessions and activities.  Not to forget, this method could be useful in axing additional administrative, travel and accommodation expenses for the HR department.

Time is money for all!

Thanks to the multitudinous growth of the eLearning and eRecruitment industry that shows no signs of slow down and has launched an array of software platforms for online employee assessment, screening, testing and recruitment. It facilitates hiring decisions and optimizes selection procedures by helping companies:

Avoid Paperwork and Redundant Tasks: This innovative shift has helped avoid unnecessary and voluminous paperwork as well as frequent the need for manual intervention in the hiring process.

Achieve Streamlined Workflows: With the online assessment platforms, the HR departments and recruiters get to experience highly streamlined and automated workflows in the whole hiring and employee assessment process in a way that guarantees measurable results.

Increase Administrative and Operational Efficiency: The use of online assessment process for hiring compliments the BYOD policies and mobile application philosophy in businesses by positively reflecting on their spending on human capital and administration to hire the right talent for the right job. Besides, the analytics features of these online assessment platforms help save time by targeting and interacting with potential candidates by integrating with social media platforms, running surveys and sharing questionnaires.

Facilitate Hiring Decisions with Accurate and Reliable Results: The online assessment systems provide accurate results and have minimal scope of human error that may cost the organization large sums invested in the recruitment and training of wrong talent.  The online assessment systems also enable a recruiter to easily customize psychometrischer test, distribute, evaluate and generate reports in real-time that aid screening and assessment process. This speeds up decision making and hiring process.

In addition, these systems make use of proven methodologies and scientific screening practices like personality and psychometric analysis and tests to determine the core abilities of the candidates and predict their value and contribution toward the company. Recent survey results revealed employers that used social media to hire candidates witnessed about 49 percent improvement in the overall employee quality.

Recruit Talent without Geographical Hurdles: Another merit of implementing online assessment platforms as opposed to campus placement is that, a wider segment of candidates can be reached via social media and the geographical hurdle of physically visiting the campuses and colleges in different regions, cities and areas is eliminated.

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