Tuesday 15 June 2021
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How to Aim for a Career in Hotel Management

The hospitality industry requires a lot of work but it pays well. Pursuing a career in hotel management takes some time, effort, and a special set of skills. In addition to honing these skills, you’re going to need to know about some resources that will help you find the perfect job so you can get your career started as soon as possible.

Start Working on Your Communication Skills

The hospitality industry is very similar to the customer service industry. Hotels provide food and lodging to paying customers who expect the highest form of service available even when they’re staying in low-budget hotels or motels. In Malaysia, customers’ expectations get even higher when you’re working for a luxury resort or hotel.

In an effort to work on your customer service skills, you’re going to need to learn how to communicate. Paying customers have the right to treat hotel staff as they see fit. It’s your job to that ensure the customers are content and respected. If customers feel satisfied and respected, they’ll treat you with respect in return.

But there’s so much more to a career in hotel management than simply speaking with customers about their concerns. You’ve also got to learn how to communicate with your staff. You need to be able to delegate tasks to individuals while simultaneously informing your staff about the collective goals and objectives for each day. You need to be able to hold impromptu meetings to discuss important hotel business.

Bolster Your Organisational Skills

Hotel managers are in charge of a lot of staff members. You need to make sure that everyone is doing his or her job. Always make sure that you can keep track of the cleaning staff, the concierge, the catering crew, and anyone else that your hotel needs to run smoothly.

Get Any Extra Education

To land a hospitality job, you’re going to need an impressive CV. You can take a hotel management course or get a degree in management or business. Be sure to list your relevant education on any CV that you might submit to a hotel for a management position.

Use Your Job-Finding Resources

When you feel as though you’re ready to pursue a career in hotel management, you need to start looking for job openings. Try using a job vacancy website to search for hospitality jobs in Malaysia. This step of the process requires patience and diligence. Be sure to submit your CV to several hotels and don’t be afraid to apply for several open positions.

If All Else Fails, Take Any Job You Can Get

While it’s common for hotels to hire managers as outside hires, it’s also common for hotels to promote from within. If you’ve developed your skills and received a hotel management education but you’re still having trouble landing a management job, don’t be afraid to take a lower position. There are a lot of hotel jobs available on job listing websites so if you need to start out as a receptionist and work your way up to management, you should be willing to do so.

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