Sunday 25 July 2021
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How to Make a Decision for a Linen Services Provider

That means having the flexibility to increase or reduce your stock levels throughout the year. You do not want to pay for any stock that has not been used during the quieter times.

Companies such as Johnsons Stalbridge offer linen services for hotels as well as for kitchens and restaurants. A business that offers a wider service area can also assist your hotel property with its linen needs for in-house restaurants and catering. Not only should the service provider offer unparalleled collection and delivery services but it should also be committed toward developing a strong customer relationship.

For instance, you should be able to confer with an area service manager who will follow up with you to ensure that you are happy with the service. When deliveries are made, they should be as close to the scheduled time as possible. Drivers should deliver linens within one hour of the established delivery target.

Because drivers can get caught in traffic or be delayed at another location, it is only fair that you give them a little bit of leeway in this area. However, you do not want to see your linens being delivered two hours after the scheduled delivery was due. That is why the one-hour clearance is a fair measure.

When selecting a linen service provider, you also need to review the types of equipment that it uses in order to clean and process linens. The company should also use contemporary approaches in stock control. Linen that is managed in this manner permits a company to lower its costs and enjoy an enhanced level of customer service.

During your first month of linen service, you are usually contacted by the company. The call will be placed to make sure that you are pleased with the service. In addition, the services representative may go over the company’s procedures at the time to ensure that you fully understand them. This type of after-installation service also includes an annual follow-up call to determine the degree of customer satisfaction.

Needless to say, the collection and delivery of linens is one activity that can make or break you in the hotel business. When a linen service offers top-level customer care, collections are managed smoothly and dependably. For example, customers should be provided with laundry tickets to confirm order processing.

Also, it is essential that you know how to manage your linen stock. Therefore, make sure that your linens are returned in hampers with a laundry ticket. If you need to have a delivery made outside the regular delivery date, you should be able to readily contact the provider.

In addition, you need to rely on customer service for increasing your level of stock or reducing your needs for linens. The company should also offer action books and bags for use. Action bags are issued for handling items that need care outside regular processing.

This type of care includes embroidery services or permanent returns. An action book records the items that have been returned as well as the reason. The completed paperwork for the action is included in the action bag, which is placed inside a hamper for return.

As you can see, there is a lot to consider when you are making the decision for a linen services provider. Therefore, this is one decision that you cannot take lightly. You need to make sure that the provider you select is on the same page as you with respect to timeliness and quality.

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