Saturday 24 July 2021
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How to select a domain name for your website?

When starting an online business the first thing that afflicts us is the question of how to choose a suitable domain for our site, in other words, the name that we will give it. The domain and the extension to choose is very important, as it is the identity of the brand on the internet. invites everyone to create a website of any orientation. The usual business card site, a large-scale Internet representation of the company, a page uniting people of interest, an online store – everything will be appropriate here.

Once the domain is chosen there is no going back. You can move your website from one domain to another, but the recommendation is to choose well so that you do not have to change it in the future.

Let’s see some key points to keep in mind when choosing the perfect domain for your website.

Set the website goal

Think about what you are going to communicate and offer from your website, be it a personal blog, an online store, a company website or a niche page.

For a personal blog, you obviously have to choose a domain with your first and last name. For an online store we can choose a keyword or a brand name. Since you already have an established company, the ideal would be to use the same company name.

In the case of niche pages, which are sites with a specific theme, it also implies using a keyword in the domain.

Brand or keyword domain

It is best to buy a brand name, since the use of keywords as part of the domain (known as EMD, Exact Match Domain), is no longer a practice supported by Google.

Using a brand name we will achieve an identity on the Internet that will promote in the medium or long term, that everyone will recognize us, that is, strengthen our personal brand.

Once the brand name has been chosen, the next step is to investigate the free domains that exist to see if we can register the domain name.


The recommendation we make is to register the domain in the same place where you have the hosting. If the web hosting you chose, you consider to be the best, having everything under the same hosting will make things easier for you.

Important is that you think about security and loading speed, talk to your developer there, because a well-encrypted site that opens quickly, generates trust for users, especially if they need to login or fill out forms on your site. Give them the confidence that your site is secure and that no one will intercept your data to misuse it.

Short and easy to remember name

We recommend you to use a global keyword, which indicates the theme of the web and a variant that makes the name more interesting and commercial. But you will have to take care that it is something original, since as much as you like it, if that domain is already occupied, you will have to use another one.

If you already have an established company, since the domain includes the name of the company, there is no loss. If you are starting your business from scratch in the digital environment, you are going to have to get creative and find the perfect domain.

Domain without numbers or hyphens

Remember to check the spelling when registering the domain. It is forbidden to use hyphens, symbols or numbers in the domain to be registered. Although of course, if the company name includes a number, it will become necessary as part of the domain, but if you can avoid it, do it.

Buy a new, expired or Premium domain

We have three options:

New domains are ones that no one has ever used before. A new domain is the best way to start.

If we decide to purchase an expired domain, we are obligated to investigate its past use. Through you can find out. It is a risk to buy an expired domain, because if someone used it to upload illegal content, or that it had toxic links and Google penalized it, it will be difficult to position this domain again in the search engine.

If you do not find anything unusual in your research at and the content is the same as yours, take the risk. We recommend using SEO tools to ensure that you are buying a domain with authority and that it has not contained toxic links.

Finally, a Premium domain names is one purchased by someone who plans to sell it more expensive in the future. Most of the good domains are already registered and many are not online. This indicates that someone has seized the registry to sell it to another user at a high cost. So, think about whether it is really worth paying that much for that domain name you chose.

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