Saturday 24 July 2021
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Industrial Cooling Systems Selection Guide

Every machinery requires some sort of cooling. Whether the mechanical or electrical, all components generate heat under simple law of physics. For industries keeping the  temperature of operational machines is always a challenge and this is why industrial cooling systems are designed. Choosing appropriate industrial air cooling systems become a challenge when there is not enough information available about different types of factory cooling solutions.

Selecting a cooling system

Understanding of various kinds of industrial cooling systems and their features can make the daunting task of choosing one a lot easier. With so many types of industrial cooling equipments to choose from namely recirculating, ambient and liquid to liquid cooling systems, a detailed guide explaining each of these systems and their features will be a great resource. Here we are with such a guide to help you choose the best factory cooling solutions.

Before you decide the best cooling system, you need to know what kind of application it will serve. If you want precise temperature control, then a recirculating chiller should be your choice.

Recirculating Chillers

Recirculating chillers are precise temperature control cooling systems. You can control temperature within 0.1 degree precision with these chillers. The recirculating chillers make ideal cooling systems for temperature critical industrial applications like pharmaceuticals and FMCG. These chillers are designed to be compact and quite. They come with additional features like safety monitoring. Easy to install cooling systems, recirculating chillers are available in varying capacities.

The mode of operation of these cooling systems is exactly similar to the refrigerators you use at home. The only difference-they cool water instead of air. The only drawback of the chillers is that they reject the heat of the compressor to the ambient air. This can cause a problem with the room’s air conditioning system as it can get overloaded with the heat generated from these chillers.

Ambient cooling systems

When your industrial application is not temperature critical and you want a cooling system to remove bulk heat from the factory or an industrial unit, then the ambient cooling systems offer you the most cost efficient solution to the problem.

The set up of these systems is a simple and compact arrangement of a fan, tank, pump and most importantly a heat exchanger. The pump pushes the refrigerant liquid through the machine or system to the heat exchanger. The fan blows the ambient air from the surroundings to cool the liquid in the heat exchanger. This mechanism makes ambient cooling systems most economical. As you have guessed the limitation of these systems is no temperature control and you can only expect cooling to ambient temperature.

Liquid to liquid Cooling Systems

This cooling system can be taken as an improvement over the recirculating chiller cooling system. Liquid to liquid cooling systems do not reject the waste heat in the ambient air, instead transfer it to a chilled water facility. You get same critical temperature control and stability with these cooling systems without loading the room air conditioning.

If your industrial application generates high heat load, consider LCS.

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