Saturday 24 July 2021
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Integrate Augmented Reality Technology in Jewelry Business for Better Customer Experience

Augmented Reality technology is influencing e-commerce and retail sector. The chances of shopping trend amongst millennial has made it crucial for businesses to intertwine the latest technology in their marketing campaigns. Many top brands have already introduced AR technology in their jewelry business and discovered it to increase great profit.

How AR can reshape your jewelry e-store and promote sales?


AR technology offers great customer experience and offers them an insight of the item. Unlike traditional catalogues, AR app offers Mobile device owners to look at every catalogued item in 3D animation models. AR is a shopping glass similar to a magnifying glass. People just point their devices on the displayed jewelry item.

Improve customer experience

Retail stores have shifted from streets to Smartphone. People hardly visit stores to buy but look for them online. Jewelry shopping needs customer to try it. Browsing pearl bracelet or rings or necklaces does not give them a real feel of how the size will look and even the details cannot be identified. It offers them a wrong idea. They may not get the item they expected to get, so it is returned back.

AR allows them to try prior they buy, which invokes desire and need. With AR customers can virtually try the ring or bracelet to get an idea of what it looks when worn. They can try as many rings as they can virtually before finalizing.

Business efficiency

Increase in Smartphone user’s means prospects will have access to the internet 24/7. This is a great opportunity to develop your pearl jewelry business. Brick and mortar business owners have to struggle with head cost, while e-commerce merchants don’t need to be concerned about this. AR app attracts interest, which increases the chances of sales because it helps customers to make right purchase.

With e-commerce dominating over the traditional retail and customers spending more time on their Smartphones, AR technology is worthy investment. Jewelry sector is also adapting latest trends like making their websites mobile friendly. AR is the current trend, which shows 3D models of your jewelry products. Certainly, customers can get influenced to purchase as they get to see the jewelry close up like never before.

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