Saturday 24 July 2021
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Manychat: An incredible tool to automate your page

Using bots for social media marketing is increasing and in 2019 it is forecast that it will become a trend among the Fan page of the platform with the most active users on the planet. New automation software are emerging every year and companies are using them at all scales since they are a very effective tool for marketing , in turn, we do not leave aside that the investment cost makes them a very profitable option in relation to the benefits that are obtained in return.

We are going to focus on a specific platform to create this method of creating bots but before we have to keep in mind that it is a Bot and for that we review the following definition.

A bot is that computer software that interacts with users simulating a human being that provides information in various ways but can also generate traffic to a website , increase followers on social networks or generate lists of subscribers.

Creating these digital assistants has become a well-paid job since tools like Manychat are working with increasingly interactive interfaces and with a very human touch.

ManyChat is a drag & drop software that allows you to customize responses and call-to-action buttons to later place them in sequence in the same way as a flowchart does, taking the user’s hand to the information they need.

What makes this tool so special are 3 big reasons and let’s talk about each one.

Functionality:  The possibilities are endless, from beginner level to a freelance professional who devotes himself completely to creating bots for companies, Manychat allows you to automate answers according to keywords that the user mentions, configure welcome messages with buttons included (same that can send a file of any kind, show an image or video) redirect to a website (send direct WhatsApp messages with the API) or make a direct telephone call for personalized customer service. You can exploit your creativity to create a bot as much as the marketing needs of your business by creating lists of subscribers to send them predetermined messages frequently and at specific times and best of all is the analytical and statistical capacity that the platform provides to know the behavior of your audience

The human touch: It is possible to choose variables for each message such as First Name, Last Name, Full Name and Page Name, which provide a high degree of personalization in the message. The fact of being able to include emoji’s turns the text into something more than an automated response, allows the expressions of these famous icons which is capable of generating emotions to the users. There is also the option of Delay, which allows us to delay our automated messages the time it would take to write them with a human hand. While this process is happening, the user who interacts will read the line “Fusiona2 is writing a message …” which completely humanizes the experience when establishing contact.

Price:  Varies from the first 500 according to the subscribers you get since you install the application from the commercial administrator, while you can start with the free trial with which you can include all the pages that you manage which has all the functions described in point 1

what can the bot do ?

Time-saving: This is one of the most obvious advantages, then, by leaving automated responses, the administrator of social networks will have time to produce other content, and more if you have several accounts under your responsibility. You can attend events and other commitments while letting a specific tool respond to the messages for you.

It should be noted that these messages will be pre-established by the administrator and that there are many tools that allow this to be done with several social platforms.

More productivity: With the time savings obtained by automating responses in social networks , there are no excuses for not being productive.

There is plenty of time to innovate, research and optimize strategies and thus give the interactive community what it needs. The work of a Community Manager is to create content and cure them to make the profiles more interesting . By not having to be on the lookout for 24/7 answers, efficiency increases and you can search and find quality content that adds up.

Give answers in time: In Facebook it is important to give answers in less than an hour to be green, so giving an automatic response can help you in this task, such as giving a link to WhatsApp, because any user can think of making a asks a Saturday at twelve o’clock at night.

We know that bots are not going to replace the human hand but it is possible to automate certain processes to optimize work and response times in terms of customer service, among the advantages we can find:

  • The bot is capable of being updated and reprogrammed according to its learning and the needs of the page for which it was programmed
  • The engagement grows significantly when the user has a good experience and resolves their queries quickly because their service is available 24/7
  • You are adding another channel for customer service
  • The cost-benefit makes it an extremely attractive and profitable option

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