Tuesday 3 August 2021
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Renting a Bathroom for Temporary Sites–Basic Tips

Putting up bathrooms on construction sites and other temporary building sites is very important. There are plenty of workers operating in these sites, and unless you provide access to basic necessities such as food and toilet spaces, it’s going to affect worker morale. Every time a person needs to relieve themselves, they will have to go to the nearest public toilet, which means work disruptions. Most of the contractors that work on these sites have specific deadlines that must be met, and it’s one of these reasons why they have to make sure that daily quotas are met.

Obviously, you can’t afford to build temporary bathrooms, and then tear them down once the construction has been completed.  Instead, it would be better to rent temporary bathrooms while work is going on at any construction site. Renting a bathroom at any construction site is pretty easy, since there are numerous providers that offer such services. If you are looking for portable bathroom hire in Adelaide, there are many local companies that offer such services. These are free-standing structures that can be transported to virtually any place and set up within a couple of hours at most. Here are some basic tips to help you rent an affordable portable bathroom.

Check Out the Pricing Quotes

Before you book a portable hire from any local company, you have to check out pricing quotes from multiple companies. Never booking with the first company that you come across. Always compare quotes from different companies before deciding which one to go with. Companies that have a higher demand usually charge a much higher fee for their services. However, there are smaller companies that have numerous portable bathrooms that they rent out. You should always compare quotes from two or three major companies before making a decision. It could help you get a serious reduction in price.

Bathroom Maintenance

Another thing that you have to check is the maintenance of the bathrooms. You have to make sure that you choose a maintenance package that includes emptying the bathrooms regularly, and cleaning and preparing them for use the next day. Otherwise, you will have to hire a separate sewage and drainage company to clean out the portable toilets. These toilets have a built-in tank at the bottom that stores all the waste. This tank needs to be emptied and cleaned regularly to ensure that the bathroom is safe and hygienic enough for use.

Finally, you should inspect the portable units first before renting them. It’s important that you rent clean units so that worker morale is not disrupted. It’s an essential requirement on construction sites and places where temporary work is being carried out.


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