Saturday 24 July 2021
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Smart solution for all your e-Way bill problems

In 2018 the manual way bill system that existed in the VAT era was replaced with a more efficient and transparent system – the e-way bill mechanism. The aims of the e-Way bill system are to control tax evasion and streamline the transport & logistics sector of the country at the same time. However, owing to the complex technicalities of the system, transporters can face a lot of unwanted problems.

Problems faced in the e-Way bill system:

Transporters undertaking movement of consignments worth Rs 50K or more need to generate an e-Way bill online through the e-Way bill portal. The person trying to generate e-Way bill must be GST registered and has to keep in hand multiple documents such as- copy of the tax invoice, product details, recipient details and vehicle details as he will be required to fill in all the details in the online portal. Although the entire process is easy yet there are multiple problems such as-

  • Inadvertent errors while filling out the important details. As the portal does not allow editing the details, it can be a real hassle.
  • Generation of multiple e-Way bills against a single invoice is barred by the government if by mistake such an event occurs, the business will be held liable for fraudulent activities leading to penalties.
  • Generating e-Way bills in bulk and multiple times can prove to be a lot of task.

Failing to deal with such problems can lead to hefty monetary penalties and even seizure of goods and can harm your business reputation. Moreover, the government has also planned to integrate the e-way bill system with the FASTTag mechanism of NHAI to track movement of goods and gather data for counter checking GST returns filed by businesses for better prevention of tax frauds. Thus, you will definitely need some smart solution for managing the E-way bill system efficiently.

Enter smart e-way bill solutions!

Companies and transporters who are required to generate e-Way bills extensively can easily get rid of all the aforementioned problems with the help of intelligent technology:

  • E-way bill software platforms can automate the entire process of e-Way bill generation with the help of a few clicks. An artificial intelligence enabled software platform will prevent you from making errors and you will not be needed to fill in details again and again.
  • Generating multiple e-Way bills for multiple consignments will no longer be a time consuming affair as the smart software system will efficiently put in valid details automatically.
  • A tech based e-Way bill solution will also allow access for multiple users designated by you so that you are able to focus more on core business activities. Moreover, a smart software system will act more like an assistant to you will no longer need dedicated manpower for e-Way bill management!

A World Bank report suggests that proper usage of the e-Way bill system can save the businesses as much as 30-40 hours of transport and also help to save costs. With a good e-Way bill software solution you can reap all those benefits easily!

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