Tuesday 3 August 2021
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Solving a Problem with New Veterinary Software

Many professionals suggest that underutilisation is the most common issue for users of veterinary software. The right providers not only give you the software but can help you understand every unique tool and aspect of it to help you get the full use of your investment. The potential revenue and profit increase from having this software installed should make it possible for you to get your investment returned in full and more.


Veterinary practice management software ways that you can keep up with your stock in real time to reduce operational costs and keep your business running smoothly. Every single time that you dispense or use a product or perform a service, you can have your staff record that interaction in the software. This can help you keep track of which medications and products are most often used and make more cost-effective choices about which to stock and which to keep less of inside the facility.

Patient History

You could also use this software to help keep up with patient histories including any procedures, medications, and therapies. If, for example, you have a feline client with the tendency to chew on his or her tail, you can record each visit to keep up with his or her progress. Recording can include taking and uploading photographs of the cat’s injuries, medications, and any related procedures.

You can also keep up with any vaccinations and other wellness checkups given to patients. Just as you would at any other type of medical facility, keeping strict and detailed records is your greatest protection from dishonest visitors. If ever the owner of a patient were to suggest that you are at fault for an issue with the patient, you could produce documentation of many different types to ensure that such accusations are proven incorrect with proper evidence.


The fees you charge for services should be carefully recorded every single time and having the right software available can make that process simpler. Paperwork can be lost, damaged, or even destroyed in an accident but you can make backups of any digital information to protect your assets. Whenever you need to invoice the owners of your patients, issue reminders for payments, or act on any other type of money-related issue, recording each interaction can simplify the process.

It can also help you keep track of which invoices are paid up, partly paid, and yet to be paid by those bringing in their pets. The more that you do to keep track of this, the easier it is to account for every patient and procedure on your property. Even the most meticulous paper filing system cannot keep up with the high efficiency of software designed for these type of tasks.

Finally, it can help you keep track of your staffing and make better use of the hours you have your staff working in the building. The more that you do for yourself and your staff today, the less likely you are to have a serious scheduling error later on. This type of software can reduce the chances of this significantly and in real time.

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