Tuesday 15 June 2021
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The Secret to Improving Your Credit Rating

If you find yourself in seemingly unconquerable debt and need to know the best way of improving your credit rating, you are neither alone nor out of luck. In fact, the overwhelming wealth of information online regarding how to improve your score may be more dizzying than the debt itself! Without guidance, it is easy to complicate this particular process and become frustrated. Luckily, there are three key steps that will help all of your efforts fall into place and, with a little bit of effort, make a better score attainable. That better score can get you the loan you need to put your finances in order.

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It’s Report Card Time!

If you’ve ever walked up the front porch with the weight of a poor report card in your backpack, then you understand how it feels to seek out your credit report when you are in debt. Don’t let that discourage you. Finding and accepting your report is the first step to improving it. You’ll want to obtain your report online from “the big three” credit reporting agencies, which should be free. The information on each report will most likely be slightly different, so expect discrepancies. With information from your reports, you will be able to come up with a strategic plan for improving your credit rating.

Start Communicating:

Once you have found your reports, you need to start communicating with the credit agencies. You reports should include “form letters”, although they can be found online or drafted by a specialist. These form letters are tailored to ask for the specific information that you need in order to outline your credit history and for the removal of any errors, which there undoubtedly will be. Removing errors in your record is the fastest and most direct way to improve your credit score, so don’t be shy about clarifying with the agencies!


While there are a couple steps that can improve your rating quickly, substantial improvements will take time. It may take roughly six months before your score is in your desired range. You must understand that it will take time, and use that fact to remind yourself daily of the things you can do to improve your credit score. Work at it consistently and try not to become frustrated when it takes some time. With time and some effort, though, you can successfully and easily improve your credit rating.

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