Tuesday 15 June 2021
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What Kind of Accountant Does a Contractor Need?

There are so many contractors in every industry, as major businesses look to outsource work on a contract based system, and regardless of the industry, you will certainly have a lot of competition. This means you have to play your best game in order to keep busy, and by searching for the best contractor accountants in East London, your administration and bookkeeping worries are effectively over.

Industry Specific Accounting

This means the accountant is very well-versed in your industry, making it very easy to manage your accounts, and he knows what services you need. The services he provides includes the following:

  • Taxation Advice – Completing tax returns, and should you take on employees, your accountant can make sure you comply with the many obligations.
  • VAT Returns –These can be completed by your accountant, and with the money deposited in a separate account, you will always know exactly where you stand.
  • Claiming Expenses – There are many instances when you can claim for legitimate business expenses, and your accountant will take care of this, leaving you free to pursue contracts and put together impressive presentations.
  • Company Formation – How you set up your business might affect you in the future, and by discussing this with an experienced contractor accountant, you can be sure of making the right decisions when it comes to setting up the business.

You only really need one partner and that is a specific accountant who knows what a contractor needs, and with your accounting taken care of, you can focus on winning contracts.

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