Tuesday 15 June 2021
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What makes a great event manager or planner? Check out in this post

Being able to become an event professional requires a special set of skills while some of they learned it naturally over the course of years in their careers, while others are very easy to pick up and develop it all.

However, not every event manager or planner has the same quality set of skills in order to become a reliable event manager that is why, as a client who is looking for someone who can perfectly organize an upcoming event of yours should have this list of few important qualities that makes the very best event planners, as well as event managers, have to possess, so check out the entire article below courtesy of entertainment management company hk.

  1. Has a passion for planning– It might almost seem that it is very obvious and clichéd in including this quality of an event planner, however, being truly passionate about planning an event should always be the most important quality at all. This is because planning is the first stage to make everything happen. The best event manager or planner are the ones who have the highest enthusiasm and energy that they put into their work. If your preferred event planner does not have an enthusiastic approach when it comes to planning to your event, then you should look at another one.
  2. Must have attention to detail– As a client, you ask nothing but the best, and a reliable event planner should always make sure that the events that they are running should always be smooth by always focusing to details that a lot of other event planners struggle or fail to do so. A lot of us are always looking at the bigger picture, and are always bored when it comes to smaller tasks, but not the best event planners, they make sure that every detail from the smallest to the biggest aspect of their project are covered.
  3. Have good interpersonal skills– They should have that interpersonal skills at their core as event planners because events are all about bringing the people who have the same mission and vision together to make the event successful and memorable. Being collaborative not just within their team but also their clients is a good way to tell that this event planner is someone to be relied on.
  4. Has a networking ability– In the events industry, working with other people and groups is crucial in order for the event to become successful. It is all about the importance of cultivating a valuable network of experts in the events industry as well as professionals who can contribute to the event’s entire success. For example, an event manager has connections with the best food caterer, the best lights and sounds equipment, the best venue to hold an event, and a lot more.
  5. Must have a contingency plan– A reliable event manager or planner should always have a contingency plan prepared in case that there is an eventuality of error that might happen before, during, or after the event. Aside from careful planning, there should always be also a plan for a possible crisis that is surely unavoidable an unexpected to happen. So make sure the event manager or planner must have the proper response to this kind of situation just like the event planning company hk has.



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