Sunday 25 July 2021
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Which Type Of Fence Is Best For Securing Your Property

There is an array of fencing types that can be used to protect a garden and ensure that intruders cannot come into a home via the garden. Farmers and those with larger properties will also need to use secure fencing in order to defend property, including animals.

Here is a range of different styles of security fencing, and deciding which one is right for any particular position can be very important. Making the right choice from the start will ensure that gardens are properly defended and protected all year round.

Basic Fencing

For simple security, basic wooden fencing can be one of the best ways to secure a property. There are a range of different woods, board width and arrangements to choose from, so property owners can select a straightforward timber fence. This is the ideal solution if cost is a worry, and security needs to be second on the list to finances, or if decoration is also essential.

Wooden fences can also provide an intimidating appearance to intruders, serving the same purpose as more secure fencing in reducing the risk of crime through the appearance of strength.

Wooden boards are also commonly used in construction and vacant property sites like, to prevent casual intrusion and preventing passers-by from being exposed to the sight of a partly built house or commercial property.

Chain-Link Security

When looking at secure fencing options, chain link fences can be very popular. They are cheaper than more weighty alternatives, but still provide a good level of security for the property owner. It is ideal for use in marking out boundaries, for example where the land is close to public spaces or footpaths. The main downside to chain link fencing is that it can look very severe and restrictive, although this can be solved with painted coats which help the fence to blend in more with surroundings.

Chain link fencing can be used in conjunction with mesh panelling, which is a more expensive security fence. By mixing the cheaper and the more costly together, customers can get more for their money, as well as increasing security with durable and attractive fencing.

Security Palisades

For those who need a little extra security with their land, palisades are one solution. These types of fences consist of a series of metal poles, connected at the top and the bottom with horizontal bars. These are very costly, but provide the best defence against intruders, vandals and thieves. They are traditionally made using a hot-and-cold steel technique that gives the metal stakes greater strength.

Here are several advantages to this type of fencing, including its flexibility, its high-security, and its visual appearance. Customers with a high need for security can also add spikes onto each stake in order to make the poles harder to climb.

These palisades are commonly used in public areas where the land needs to be fenced in. It is not unusual to see them in schools, at the edges of parks, or surrounding public buildings such as courts and even hospitals, providing security to those inside as well as those outside of the property.

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