Tuesday 15 June 2021
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Why Your Business Needs IT Support

You cannot overlook IT support for your business, especially if you want to protect your bottom line. Work with an IT support company that tailors its services to a company’s special operational needs.

A business that specialises in IT can help you meet your recovery strategies or data backup requirements. That is why you need this type of support to remain fully operational.

Some Important Questions

To make sure that all your IT needs are being met, you should follow a checklist to assess risk and enhance usage. For example, you need to review the following questions when working with an IT company in New Malden:

  • Are employees required to log in? Authentication is essential if you want to safeguard your company’s information. Employees should create strong passwords that are unique.
  • Are firewalls used? Firewalls protect business networks from unauthorised access. Therefore, the firewalls should be continually updated for use.
  • Is your network monitored? Monitoring a business network for performance or threats is important. When automated systems are introduced, they can track a network in near real time, alerting you when a threat is imminent.
  • Have employees received security training? If employees are not properly trained, it can compromise cybersecurity.
  • Is information backed up regularly? Data is both a worthwhile and vulnerable asset. Therefore, it needs to be regularly backed up. By relying on an IT support provider, backup files can easily be restored.
  • Is the software current? Cyberattacks are frequently made on software that is dated. Therefore, an IT support company can assist you in keeping your software up to date and guarded against attacks.

Do You Have a Continuity Plan in Place?

Besides reviewing the above questions, you also need to prepare accordingly. For example, you want to have a continuity plan in place, also known as a disaster recovery plan. This should be underscored on your checklist. A disaster recovery plan features detailed information on how to stay operable during an emergency. By implementing the plan, you minimise losses and can more easily recover from a disaster.

Your IT policies should also be current. You can achieve this goal when you align yourself with an IT support business. This should be included on a checklist as well. Policies should be shared with employees.

Inventorying Your IT Assets

It also helps to detail your IT assets and keep an inventory for your records. Inventory information should include the following:

  • The device serial numbers
  • Software product keys
  • Software installations

Besides being used for technical support, this data can help confirm certain risks, such as the lack of security software on a specific device.

As you can see, relying on IT support is indeed essential to your company’s operations. If you have not yet collaborated with a full-service IT support company, you need to contact a provider about your network needs.

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