Tuesday 3 August 2021
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Young Experts Needed. Students Preferred

Are you a student looking for your first job, want to change the existing one or find a new one after a long time out of work? Then you face two tasks: you must evaluate yourself and explore the labor market. Moreover, if you have already decided, what kind of job you are looking for, here is information about some tips on how to find and to get this job.

How to Get a Job of Your Dreams

The first step on the path to the desired work is knowledge of how to get a job. A little research, a well-edited writing, and active communication will assist you in stepping on the path that leads to the invitation for an interlocution.

  • Decide what kind of job you want. Think about what you want to do, what you expect from the workplace, and what needs you can meet. Think about the area where you want to make a career. It is important to find a job that will be a challenge for you and, at the same time, will bring good results. Determine about what skills are required for a particular position.
  • Carry out a research. Before you begin mass mailing of your resume and cover letters, read the information about the companies, where you are applying. Find out the company needs and specifics.
  • Write curriculum vitae. Even if the curriculum vitae in the traditional sense is not required for any position, the presence of it with fresh information is advisable. This is not only a story about your education and employment history but also your achievements and skills. It is necessary to specify your education. You can also include in the list some courses you have passed in accordance with the specialty. Knowledge of working on the computer with different programs, typing speed, work experience with data and other useful information can be highlighted in the curriculum vitae. When people ask, “Write essays for me” – do it for a symbolic price.

Searching for Job Without Experience

If you want to be hired on totally new work, your confidence is needed here. However, the majority of people have no idea of what skills they can use in practice at work. So, here is information how to find a job without work experience.

  • Begin from volunteering. Choose the profession or at least the industry in which you are going to work. Imagine the job of your dreams in this field. Then investigate the main working path that the majority of people have passed in order to get the best job here with changing 2-3 positions. Apply on a paid or free probation. Start searching for a job in the search engines and on websites of companies. Start probation as soon as possible. Become a volunteer. If you fail to get probation, then it will be better for you to become a volunteer for this organization in the evenings or weekends. Getting a volunteer position is easier than getting a paid internship.
  • Identify your skills. Do not forget to mention the skills that you have acquired at the previous work, the summer underworking, temporary employment and work, where you helped family members and friends. Explain why these skills are useful for a new job or field.
  • Identify your achievements. Remember any awards you have received. Never rule out awards and skills that you have acquired while working as a volunteer.
  • Start the job search. Use various sites for job searching to find entry-level employment. Limit your search by choosing to work with the requirements of experience from zero to two years. Communicate at various events. Ask people about possible job vacancies of their enterprises. Start working on the half time jobs. Ask for an interlocution.

Searching for Job for Disabled

If you have a disability, it will not be easy to find a suitable job but there are few ways to help you find it. Disability in the workplace, as a rule, is called “to have other abilities.”

  • Estimate your abilities. What activities do you can do, taking into account your disability? Make a list of jobs based on your abilities.
  • While looking for work, some employers may offer you a compulsory interview for the disabled.
  • While filling the application forms, you should be guided by a sane assessment of your abilities as a person with a disability.
  • Contact government agencies that provide services to disabled. Often, state employment agencies and rehabilitation centers can help to find a job.

How to Find Job If You Are Shy

Bashfulness can greatly complicate the job search. In a world full of extroverts, it may be difficult for shy people to demonstrate confidence and ambitions so required by the labor market. Fortunately, there are various tactics that can help to play on your strengths and find a suitable job.

  • Rate your level of bashfulness. Take time to analyze your personality and to estimate your level of bashfulness. This will help you reach the desired level of self-awareness, to present yourself to the labor market effectively.
  • Remember that even the shyest people can discover and find for themselves a good job. You may need to get out of your comfort zone and to concentrate on finding a job that is suitable for you due to your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Focus on your strengths. Compare your strongest sides with the corresponding work options and push off from it in your search.
  • Concentrate on the job where you feel comfortable. If you are an introvert and a very shy person, you may never be comfortable to work as a motivational speaker or a shop assistant. Focus on those types of work that do not need high demands in self-confidence and interpersonal communication.
  • Start to create a network of contacts. Start from the smallest thing. It is not necessarily to attend big events and communicate with all the present people.

Student on Summer Holidays

Take some time to reason about what you want from a summer underworking: whether to gain valuable skills or simply to earn pocket money. Decide on the goals. After you understand in which direction you want to move, start to look for work and get ready for the interlocution.

  • Think about where you want to work for the summer. Type of a summer job depends on what you expect to get from it.
  • Remember about your past work experience. When you ponder about what job to choose, think also about where you had been working and what kind of experience you gained in the past. In particular, consider your skills and where they might come in handy.
  • Reflect on your goals and skills you want to acquire. Take time for yourself and make a list of goals you want to achieve due to a summer job. Also, define about the skills that you would like to develop during the holidays.
  • Extend the network of acquaintances and ask the others about the vacancies.
  • Look for a job online. There are many websites, which offer lists of open vacancies.
  • Consider what types of businesses are in demand during the summer. In many companies, there is a working boom during the summer season. Most likely, you will find a summer job in the following areas:
  • summer camps;
  • farms;
  • tourist resorts;
  • support services and call centers;
  • software testing projects in the IT-companies;
  • companies offering probation programs;
  • restaurants, cafes, shops;
  • bars and clubs;
  • annual festivals.

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