Sunday 25 July 2021
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Business Environments and Security Solutions

The 21st century has brought with it a need for increased security, with rising crime figures and extremist groups that cause devastation in public places, and any business, big or small, would require a suitable level of security. It might only be a single lock up, for a one man trader, or a chain of supermarkets across the nation, and with modern security solutions, the system can be tailored to suit.

Outsource the Security

For a large majority of businesses, their security needs are taken care of by a company that does nothing else but provide security for a range of industries. Outsourcing gives you the best value for your money, and if you contacted such a company, they would arrange to come and view your premises and give you a free security evaluation. They would typically offer CCTV systems, and this is very often sufficient for a small business, and for larger companies, trained security guards would be required. A very large complex might require up to ten guards that rotate and provide the security around the clock, and they would utilise video surveillance by installing CCTV cameras at strategic locations to monitor the entire perimeter. If your company is situated in the north of England, there are affordable security manpower services in Leeds, and with their expertise, your security issues are a thing of the past.

Manufacturing Plants

These can be huge complexes, and with millions of pounds worth of stock, the security needs to be top notch. Loss prevention is a major requirement for manufacturers, and with CCTV and random employee searches, you can all but eliminate theft from within. The entire perimeter must be monitored 24/7, and with gate control, everything that either comes in or goes out, is logged.

The Retail Industry

Obviously, there is a need to monitor the goods on the shelves, and it is a good idea to make the CCTV cameras very visible, as this acts as a deterrent to shoplifters. With the right set up, every square foot of your retail space will be covered, and some stores actually have manned security, which can be outsourced to an experienced provider. Hotels and shopping malls must have manned security, and they need to be able to deal with a range of circumstances, including emergency evacuation and the detention of suspects.

Hazardous Products

Some refineries and factories use hazardous products, and for this reason, manned security is a must. Exit and entry points would be manned round the clock, and only authorised personnel would be allowed through the gate. Protecting the public is just one of the skillsets a security guard must possess, and they would be fully trained to deal with any emergency situation, and would familiarise themselves with your existing emergency plan, and help to facilitate efficiently.

There are several forms of commercial security and often a combination is used to protect a business, and with the latest in digital technology, video surveillance is proving to be a cost effective way to protect your premises.

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