Sunday 25 July 2021
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What is the Best Advice for Throwing a Wild West-Themed Party

If you’re thinking of throwing a theme type and a Wild West-themed one at that, the best and simplest method to capture the right mood of the Old West, is through the usage of cowboy concepts. With the application of things such as cowboy boots, hats, bandanas, horses, lassos, carts and wheels and the like, to backdrops and props, food and games can all help create a wonderful plan for a Wild West theme party event.

Because the Old West, or the Wild West, was a historical time and era in the western areas of the United States and Canada during the last half century of the 1800’s, participants can even do a little research, to even help inspire great Wild West themed party ideas. Maybe a few classic Western films as well as some books that help to support the theme can be an amusing fun addition to the flow of the party.

Any Place, Any Time

If space allows, this type of event can be put on practically anywhere at all from an office to a school, to many other alternative kinds of venues. Most people like something a little different at times and seeing as the Wild West was an American moment in history, there’s no reason at all why Brits can’t get into the swing of things and have a really great time. Think Wild Bill Hickok and Annie Oakley and you’ll be well on your way! This kind of theme event and also many other alternative business events in the UK can be skilfully delivered to you by professional event management services.

To maintain the party’s Wild West theme, all guests should be dressed up as a cowboy or cowgirl. Plaid shirts with jeans or denim skirts are just fine, even though many guests will be more than likely to also add a cowboy hat or cowboy boots as well as a bandana to liven things up and get a more fun feel to the occasion! Some guests may even want to dress up as Native American Indians and bring some real authenticity to the party! Costume shops will have a nice selection of different Wild West apparel for all guests attending to look their very best.

Music, Food and Games

The music should definitely be of country and western style type, so you may want to do a little swotting up and practice of the barn dance type! As for the food, well, hot dogs, hamburgers, and baked beans will make of great fare for a Wild Wes themed event. Even some raw veggies with a ranch dip and snacks such as barbecue flavoured crisps can round out the party food. Some party games always go down well, such as horseshoes, or a revised style of Pin the Tail on the Donkey using a horse, instead, are perfect for some fun at a party with a Wild West theme.

Yeeeee Ha, round ‘em up!

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