Sunday 25 July 2021
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Determining The Best Time to Buy Gold

Should you buy gold from a Brisbane gold bullion shop today or do you wait to do so in the future? There is no doubt that we all want the best value for our gold purchases. One of the most important factors when you are investing in gold, is timing. Here are the primary considerations to put in mind when investing in gold.

Buy during Certain times sell during uncertain Times 

When looking to buy bullion Brisbane, it’s important to keep an eye on major announcements and news coming from institutions like Central Banks and even Government agencies.  When everyone is happy making money, the economy is recovering, the dollar, stocks and real estate are flying breaking new records. This is the time to buy. It’s during these times you can expect gold to go down.

Once you start hearing negative political and economic messages about stocks, currency, property, and credit with particular reference to powerful economies like China, US, and Eurozone. When investments like stocks and properties underperform, the silver and gold prices rise. This is because, during such times, many major companies and investors use gold as an insurance policy to cover losses accrued elsewhere. This normally provides a perfect time to exit the gold market for the first time and tip that money into stocks and real estate while they’re crashing.

Buy When You Can 

Many investors believe that the best time to invest in gold is to buy when you can. This involves buying smaller quantities on a regular basis. This option of buying in part, as opposed to purchasing in single big transactions, gives you the advantage of buying gold at a lower price. The same also applies to selling in part which gives an investor the chance to maximise ROI.

Recognise the Long-Term Upward Trend

When planning to invest in gold bullion, it’s important to note that gold is enjoying an upward trend in which prices have almost been on a month-by-month increase for years. Do not panic if, after you buy gold, the price decreases 5% one month later. This is quite normal, and if history is anything to go by, it will correct itself in due course.

The price of gold is determined by several increases and mini dips. One only hopes that this underlying trend continues and that increases are bigger than dips just as they’ve been for many decades. Do not view buying gold as a short-term investment. At the minimum, you should look at holding onto your gold for a few years.

Watch the Gold Price 

Investing in gold is in part about choosing your moment. Keeping tabs on the price of gold is imperative. Gold prices change every few minutes, so it pays to keep an eye on the most recent movements online through your smartphone or PC. Even in markets that seem relatively stable, it’s not unusual for the gold price to dip by 4-5% in one morning. This would represent a perfect time to venture into gold business as a first timer.


When it comes to gold buying, timing is everything. Know when to buy. One of the most important things to remember is to buy when everyone is happy and central bankers say the economy is doing well. If you follow this method we hope you can increase your gold holdings and protect your wealth.


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