Saturday 24 July 2021
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How Can Documents Be Stored After They Have Been Scanned

Once your physical paperwork has been converted into digital files, this is going to make the running of your business much easier. Sharing digital information is much easier than trying to share physical information.

The documents are going to be comprehensively scanned and then they can be transformed into a different format. Once the files have been converted into the specified format (JPEG, PNG) then it is time to decide how the documents are going to be stored.

Online Retrieval System

One of the best ways to perform document storage is for the files to be uploaded onto an online retrieval system. Your files are going to be encrypted so that they are going to be totally secure and nobody is going to access the information without prior permission.

  • You will be able to log onto the system at any time so the files can be viewed.
  • The files can be downloaded whenever you need them. These files can then be sent to other people when they require them.
  • Any type of file can be stored with this online retrieval system.
  • When new paperwork is converted in the future, it can be uploaded onto this online retrieval system.

Encrypted Hard Drives

Your files can be stored on encrypted hard drives. These hard drives have a large amount of storage so that you are never going to run out of space.

  • The files will be encrypted on the hard drive. This means that only a select number of people will be able to view the files after they have been copied over from the hard drive onto work computers.
  • When you have new paperwork that needs to be converted, the scanning company can create the files and put them onto the hard drive again.

Encrypted DVD

You can have the files put onto an encrypted DVD which can then be put into a computer and the files can be readily accessed.

  • The DVD can be sent to you by the scanning company. It will contain high-quality files.
  • The files can then be shared amongst different members of your organisation.
  • This process can be repeated whenever you need to have some paperwork converted into a new format. You will be able to use these DVDs easily.

Which Is The Best Method To Use?

All of the file storage methods are useful and you need to consider each one when your files are in the process of being converted. You might want to use the online retrieval system if you are looking to streamline your business because you will not need filing cabinets.

You might prefer the encrypted DVDs and hard drives if you want the files to be stored on a physical object. The hard drives and the DVDs can be stored in filing cabinets that are situated inside your office building.


Your converted files can be sorted in physicals formats like hard drives or they can be stored online.

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