Tuesday 15 June 2021
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HVAC insurance options to explore

Are you a HVAC contractor company? If you are, you definitely know the liabilities that your job faces day in day out. Ever considered getting insured? HVAC contractor insurance offers your business protection against eventualities that may come hunting you down. Being insured means that whatever comes your way will not be an obstacle to you. Insurance covers that you can consider include:

Employee compensation insurance

More than anyone, as the employer you know the number of risks your employees face while at work. Whether it is electrocution, burns, falls or exposure to toxic asbestos, your workers need to be protected and compensated fully when these hazards occur. This cannot be possible if you have not armed yourself with an insurance policy that covers it. Insured workers feel taken care of when you take such a cover. When accidents occur, your workers’ medical bill will be taken of fully or partly depending on your subscription.

Commercial auto cover

Your company vehicle is an important asset to your business. It helps you move around when answering the urgent calls of your clients. The company vehicle helps transport equipment from one point to the other when need be. Considering all these services rendered by your van, you should have it insured. This way when your car faces damage, it will be fixed within no time and business will resume as expected.

Equipment lease or rent insurance

When operating a business, you tend to form connections with similar companies. In some situations, you need to borrow equipment for a specific project. No matter how much you try to stay away from trouble, damage to the equipment could happen and in such a situation you may find yourself in problems. This is also handy if you have leased your machine outside. Since you have no control over any mishaps, insurance is the best option.

Errors and omission cover

Some projects could be very tiresome and when fatigued, employees may commit an error that may compromise a customer’s belongings. For instance when doing air conditioning and furnace installation, other drains may be damaged causing water leaks. Furniture, rags and equipment could be soaked causing loss to the homeowner. Such a client will not hesitate to sue your company but if you have this cover, rest assured your insurance company will come to your rescue.

Workers dishonesty coverage  

Not all employees have good ethics as you expect when entrusting them with a job. An employee may hatch a plan and flee with important documents, equipment and money leaving you in distraught. To save yourself from such an occurrence, invest in an insurance policy that will come in handy when you need it the most. Some techs could also cause mischief in a client’s premise when sent to work. With this cover in your HVAC contractor insurancepolicy, you will be good to go.

Still not convinced? Just so you know customers will ring you faster than they would your competitors who are not insured. This is because with insurance you promise them both professionalism and assurance that you will meet the contract deliverables.

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