Tuesday 3 August 2021
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What is a DBS check, And Why Should I Use it

It is important to screen potential employers before you decide to offer them a position at your company, you want to know as much about them as possible and a brief interview and resume assessment will not provide you with enough information to carry out an informed decision. Businesses now have the option of conducting a DBS check which is a detailed analysis of an individual’s past, in addition to what they present on their CV.

 What is a DBS check?

A DBS check is basically a report on a chosen individuals background history, the report provides information on criminal records, reprimands and other warnings. It was previously known as a criminal background check, but has since been changed to a DBS.

 If your company deals with children or vulnerable individuals it is important that you carry out a DBS as a part of your pre-employment screening process, there is a wide range of professional businesses who provide disclosure and barring checking services to business owners and heads of multiple types of organisations.

 Some companies provide varying degrees of background checks, some are more thorough than others, these include services such as:

Basic DBS Checks – a basic DBS disclosure check is a background report on a chosen applicant, it is available to anyone and is not limited by the industry segment you work in. A basic DBS disclosure is a standard checking assessment which should be performed as part of your pre-employment screening process. This level of disclosure is a non-specific check and is usually requested for ordinary circumstances, such as looking at licences or couriers.

Enhanced DBS Checks – an enhanced DBS check is a more detailed report in comparison to a basic package, it is generally conducted as part of the pre-screening process for people who wish to work with children or vulnerable individuals. It is an important screening tool if you want to avoid hiring a person who is not suitable for certain positions in your company.

 Enhanced DBS checks can be used to screen numerous people who work in a wide variety of industries including:

  • People who work with young kids and children, such as sports coaches, community welfare officers, social workers, and childcare providers.
  • People who volunteer to work with disadvantaged children or vulnerable individuals.
  • Individuals who work with and have access to sensitive and private material.
  • Individuals who plan on adopting or fostering children.

 International DBS Checks – if your business requires international employees to come and work at your company you can avail of global DBS checks, foreign workers can be screened before arriving in your country to begin employment.

Universities can also avail of international background checks before permitting international students to enrol on their programmes and reside in their institute.

 A DBS check can be performed for numerous reasons and is important to ensure you hire the right individual for the job. It safeguards vulnerable people and should be part of every company’s pre-employment screening process.

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