Tuesday 15 June 2021
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Why Birmingham Property Investment Is Considered Best

Birmingham is the biggest British city outside London and has got 1,123,330 residents. It is welcoming and is the most famous of the cities in the United Kingdom which attracts many people every year to work, play and live there. This number is surely going to increase. There has been a great development that is going on or is in the pipeline with a high speed train and it attracts a great deal of new investment into the city.

The city has risen to up to 14 places up the rankings of the top most European cities for property investment. Rail transport, road and air provide good access from Birmingham to the rest of the United Kingdom and the world with utmost ease. You may be in London from Birmingham in only two hours and by rail you may be in Manchester in just one and a half hours time. You will have access to more than 90 percent of the United Kingdom in just four hours travel time. It is the central location that is best for the property investment. The New Street exhibits an important aspect to the development of Birmingham and also its engulfing areas.

A nice, high speed railway station will be made at Curzon street to accommodate the new HS2 route from Birmingham to London. The time for the journey will get reduced to only 49 minutes. Birmingham has got the nice Birmingham airport that is near to the east of the city. There some flights to a large number of destinations in Europe. The economy of Birmingham has seen a rapid growth in the previous five years and it has become the leading professional and financial services centre outside London.

There are half a million people who are employed in this city. Birmingham has been the creator of private sector jobs among the core cities last year and that accounts for one in five jobs in the new private sector jobs that were created in the core cities. Birmingham is set to develop the city with the finest neighbourhoods that have got provisions for a rapid rise in the population. There will be a great degree of investment in the city and there will be an increasing demand for jobs, infrastructure, new housing and services. There is a plan for at least 80000 new homes in the year 2031.

Birmingham has undergone a great reinvention. Birmingham is all set to overtake London as the best city for property investment in the coming 12 months. The birmingham property investment has elevated in value by 8.27 percent in the previous two years with the buyers who have been priced out of London and want to invest in the city. This has made a great environment for buy to let investors. The elevating prices can generate awesome chances for the capital growth and provide high output due to greater demand in the rental property. The city has moved to number 6 in the rankings of the top most European cities for the birmingham property investment.

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