8 Best Online Course Platforms For A Better Knowledge

8 Best Online Course Platforms For A Better Knowledge

Sharing your knowledge with the world has never been as easy as it is today. Before the appearance of the World Wide Web, you had to look for multiple books, and research thoroughly before learning new skills. Nowadays, it’s all up for grabs with online course platforms. Read on and learn which are the best ways to learn a new skill online.

No.1. Coursera

This course learning platform has a long and successful partnership with some of the leading universities and colleges in both United States and around the world covering a lot of different subjects. Most of the courses are either free or very cheap but you can’t publish your own courses since Coursera isn’t a marketplace.

No.2. edX

edX offers around 2000 courses from some of the most renowned universities, colleges, and even companies. The edX charter members include University of California, Harvard, MIT, Georgetown, etc. The quality of this course platform is best shown through the number of learners worldwide. Namely, more than 14 million people are members and there are more than 52 million enrolments across edX courses.

No.3. Skillshare

Skillshare is a great way to connect with peers, learn from anywhere, and share your knowledge through creating high-quality courses. The best aspect of Skillshare is probable the included project which you’ll be able to complete as a part of your course. This way, you can easily test your knowledge and track your progress. Ultimately, there are more than 20k classes in categories like design, business, writing, entrepreneurship, and so much more!

No.4. Code Academy

This online course platform helps over 45 million of learners worldwide master coding. They have courses for you whether you’re a novice or you want to transform your career and get the skills you need to stand up in the web developers business. With this online course platform, you’ll be able to learn both basic and advanced principles of HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, jQuery, Python and more!

No.5. Udemy

Udemy was founded in 2010 and over the course of last 8 years, it has grown the become one of the best online course platforms. Whether you’re a course creator and want to share your knowledge with the world, or you wish to learn a new skill, Udemy has got you covered. More than 6 million students are currently attending courses at Udemy. Unlike other course platforms, you’ll get to choose your own courses without just following a predetermined linear path.

No.6. Lynda.com

One of the veterans among online learning platforms, Lynda.com has lasted on the market for more than 23 years. In May 2015, Linkedin bought it for $1.5 billion and continued to develop this terrific online education company. Lynda.com is a sure thing in the online teaching business. It’s easy to learn and the plans are designed that way so there’s something for all types of learners.The diversity of courses is probably the best aspect of this website since it has more than 2 thousand courses with more than 250 authors, and 110 video tutorials.

No.7. Bloc

This online course platform is quite similar to Code Academy although it’s a more intensive program. You’ll also have to spend around 25 hours per week. However, it is all worth it because this website boasts of a great job acceptance rate of 97%. Taking everything into consideration, Bloc is one of the greatest course platforms for web developers. However, it comes with a price. Still, it’s a great value purchase because it will pay off in no time.

No.8. Thinkific

Thinkific is quite similar to Teachable since, on both of these platforms, you can use it for free and only pay a percentage when you earn. The other option is to pay a monthly plan and lose the transaction fees. The options are numerous and Thinkific is on our list of best course learning platforms for a good reason.

Bottom Line

Each one of the online course platforms has its own pros and cons. This means that you would have to choose wisely and according to your needs and preferences. Whichever you choose, make sure you’re prepared to invest a lot of time and a small amount of money because learning or teaching skills is anything but easy.