Cyber Criminals Enrich Frauds Through Social Media: Business Firm’s Security at Stake

Technology has brought us a lot of new things. Most of these are positive and helpful for all of us. In fact, our lives have changed due to technology and quality Innovations. But we cannot ignore how technology is damaging our lives. Nowadays we see a lot of people facing crimes and scams on internet. This is just one example where we can see how technology is being misused in order to exploit others and use it for criminal purposes.

Almost 5 to 10 years ago there were no such things. People were very happy that the technology was benefiting them in a number of ways. We got internet and some years later came the social media websites that have changed the world to a large extent.  In fact, social media has revolutionized communication sector. Today people can talk to anyone sitting in in far off areas of the world. We can also use video calling feature to meet and see our loved ones.

 All these things are very positive and helpful for mankind. But the social media has become a hub for scammers and fraudulent people. Business companies are facing challenges and for all this we can blame the social media website. Security on most other social platforms is very weak and it encourages the scammers to manipulate and exploit others. In this article we will look into the details and see how social media is used for cybercrimes.

What Cyber Criminals Do?

Before we talk about how social media is used for cybercrimes, it is important that we understand who the cybercriminals are and what they do. Cyber criminals are the people who form groups and organisations in order to target someone through their company or organisation. People working at important positions are the targets of cyber criminals.

Various reports and studies show that people who have access to important business data are targeted by cybercriminals. These criminals have their own intentions and demands that day want to be fulfilled. If the company employees agree to the terms and conditions of those employees are given freedom but the company faces financial and economic losses. Even a number of banks have been robbed this way as the internal staff members provided criminals with valuable information.

Cyber Crimes through Social Media

There should be no doubt that social media is worst when it comes to security and data protection. In the past few months we have seen that Facebook admitted how it has seen using the user data and giving third parties access to private messages and chats. This should make clear to everyone that social media is no longer safe and so is your data. Your privacy is compromised ASDA haircut and other criminals I’ll get people to social media websites.

 It is also important to know that the most important reason behind using social media for cybercrimes is the availability of information.  On social platforms you can search for people, and find out relevant details about them.  If a person works at an important position, he will be famous as well. So cybercriminals will get information and personal details about that people through their social media profile.

Using Social Media for Cyber Crimes

Now coming to the point of how social media is used by cybercriminals, we can see that social platforms are not really safe for sharing information and other details. Cyber criminals have people on the social websites and they are assigned the task of gathering information about the most important people.When information is collected, it is shared with the hackers who use it to target those people.

It becomes really easy for the criminals to any person. When someone is targeted, he or she does not know what to do to deal with this issue. They do not have any other options so they provide criminals with secret and financial information.

Effects and Dangers for Businesses

So far we have talking about the social media and how it is used by cyber criminals. Now we will be talking about the effects and outcomes for a business company. Following are few of that effects which should not be ignored.

Any company can be a target of the criminals and it can lead to huge financial losses. Therefore, companies should take steps to improve their business security.  For this purpose, hidden spy app and employee tracking tools should be used.

Companies should also be careful when they have to hire new stuff. They must find out people who are not obsessed with social media use so that they cannot be targeted by the Cyber criminals. All these measures can be very helpful in protecting the business data and avoid financial losses that have become common these days.


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