Tuesday 3 August 2021
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Software Development – Scrum Explained

Anyone who is involved in software development would know that the word Scrum refers to a unique framework that improves efficiency when implementing software development projects. Typically, a software development program would be task based, and with regular meetings, the team would work towards their final goal, but with Scrum, the focus is on setting objectives, rather than tasks, and with a coach called the Scrum Master, the team are guided through the Scrum process, which is a formulation to improve performance.

Accredited Training Programs

There are accredited organisations that offer Scrum Master training, and once you have passed this course, your skills will make you very much sought after. The company that offers the training would also be able to find suitable contracts whereby you would be acting as a Scrum Master, giving a team valuable hands-on experience. There are many software development companies who have invested in training for their team, but do not have an experienced Scrum Master to oversee the project.

The Role of the Scrum Master

The Scrum Master is a vital team member who acts as a coach/facilitator to the group. The Scrum Master training ensures that he or she is fully able to ensure that the team uses the Scrum framework when dealing with complex issues. The Scrum Master is not the leader, and has no authority over the team, rather they are there to guide and facilitate, and any developer who has this certification can certainly open up their career possibilities.

Daily Meetings

Once a Sprint has been created, the team meets every morning at a set time, and whether the entire team is there or not, the meeting begins and is limited to only 15 minutes. Each team member would ask themselves 3 questions, which are:

  1. What did I do yesterday that helped the team meet the sprint goal?
  2. What Will I do today that helps the team meet the sprint goal?
  3. Are there any impediments that prevent me or the team reaching the sprint goals?

The Product Owner

The PO represents the client and their role includes making sure that the business requirements of the customer are fulfilled, and the Product Owner would also be responsible for group communication. There are organisations that offer Product Owner training, and any Scrum project would require a Product Owner, so the certification would be a valuable feather in your cap. A good Product Owner would be able to see a situation from other perspectives and be empathic in their approach.

The Scrum framework allows software developers to be objective in their work, and with all the essential components in place, the team will be more effective and are likely to produce results in a shorter time. There is a range of 2 or 3 day courses for all the critical team positions, and once you have certification, your career prospects would surely receive a boost. If you are based in Australia, there is one organisation dedicated to Scrum training, and they are in direct association with, the founders of the process.

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