Tuesday 15 June 2021
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Is the vibrate button in the upcoming iPhone 9 acceptable

All the fun is spoilt by the iPhone 9 button. Yes, the system can adjust the engine behavior to suit every taste and to vibrate button differently for each response option. But this will have to get used to. And the presence in the key fingerprint scanner even more difficult perception. By the way, pushing the mechanical key nicer – and its behavior more familiar and understandable. Enabling the display animates the picture and transforms a piece of volcanic glass in the smartphone. Let me remind you that the screen resolution is 1334 x 750 and is close to the HD. Perhaps today it is almost the minimum value to 4.7 inches. Juicy colors, pleasant. Alive looks very good. But pictures of its output to clean water. Despite the 326 ppi, the grid is visible. The image is bright enough for the sunny weather – the text is legible. Auto Brightness works instantly. Touch responsive enough, but without zeal – accidental clicks, you cannot be afraid. Defined only frame – very high for 2016.

Hardware Features

At the presentation Apple promised improved performance CPU in iPhone 9. Unfortunately, at the moment the raw operating system does not allow to feel the performance of the processor. The interface works just as 8s, improvements yet. The same applies to application performance. Functionality iOS has 10 dedicated to a number of reviews, so stop on its description will not. Yes, the unit has received moisture protection standard IP67 – but Apple warned to refuse to repair in case of damage caused by water. The slightest mistake at work – and in the hands of a brick. In addition, it is unclear how this will be defined, and any moisture indicators are used. Waiver of the usual 3.5-millimeter jack is justified: the developer is ready to offer audiophile solution without looking at the smartphone maker. Right in the headphones, you can install all of the necessary, because the output – a pure data stream.  There is a high transmission rate of the USB 3.0 standard, simultaneous data transfer and charging, using a hub (controller, apparently migrated to the iPad Pro). But today, there are no accessories, such solution looks a bit strange, and looks more like a desire to make money by selling accessories. (Yes, USB-C specifications more suitable for universal data connector of the portable device).

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