Sunday 25 July 2021
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How To Remove Complaints From Google

Online reputation services is a service everyone should get educated on. Do you suffer from smear campaigns or negative reviews on the Internet? How do you remove complaints from Google? Well, don’t panic. You can engage an online reputation agency in restoring your company’s image to its former glory yet. In fact, major companies and brands do experience this throughout their corporate lives.

After all, no one can please everybody; it’s like finding a needle in a haystack. Big companies have their own media department to handle all those negative reviews and remove them from the Internet through legal suits but how can small to medium companies cope with these types of disasters? If you or your company is on a tight budget, then you might want to consider some of the tips below before engaging the services of online reputation companies.


If you find a negative review about you or your company in another person’s website, be sure to contact the Webmaster to have the content removed from the site. Some webmasters would remove the content especially if it violates any legality or is slanderous to the company.

If the Webmaster refuses to remove the content especially if the site is a review site, you may request the chance to reach the reviewer and have the issue resolved. This way, other reviewers or visitors would be able to see how your company can solve the problem. Counteracting the bad review with a positive move would help change the person’s mindset, and if the reviewer is satisfied with how their complaints were resolved, this can be a powerful testament to your company.

If you can’t remove it, bury it

It is like hiding the bad with the good ones. There are some instances when you cannot reach the Webmaster, or the reviewer had a bad experience with your company and would refuse any help from your company. The next best thing to do is to increase positive contents by creating relevant ones and push it in the search engines. The negative review will not necessarily be removed from the search page results; however, with relevant and popular contents from your site, the bad review will be pushed down to the second or third pages of the search result. Studies reveal that many users do not go beyond the first few pages of the search result to look for things that they need.


It is important to prevent the cycle from happening all over again. Many companies do not learn from their mistake, and often, they are costly causing the company to pay thousands in damage control. It is important to check customer feedbacks and do random after sales service to determine if the customers have any problems with the company or are satisfied with the services that they have received. Ask for advice from the customer if they aren’t happy. If they are satisfied, you can request for positive feedbacks or testimonials that you can publish on your sites.

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