Saturday 24 July 2021
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Why is FBLinker tool by essential to get more views

YouTube has served as the largest social media platform for a very long period of time. With millions of daily active users streaming hours of video on YouTube, owning a channel of your own on this platform was a big deal for many people who dreamt to become an influencer. So, if you have dreamt the same of creating content that will inspire millions and you will have a fan base of your own, then this article is for you.

Over the last couple of years, YouTube has stepped back thus giving Facebook an edge to become the largest social media platform with twice the number of active users as compared to YouTube. Yet, social media influencers till date start their journey from YouTube by setting up their own channel. There is a variety of content on YouTube and people access YouTube from almost 88 countries and in 76 languages. So, if you can create a good fan-base on YouTube then you can earn a comfortable living by being an influencer.

If you feel that for quite some time the views on your YouTube video has come to a standstill and the number of subscribers has become stagnant, then there are a few things you can follow to increase both the view and subscriber count. They are discussed below.

  1. Thumbnails: Thumbnails are a very important part of videos. If you have an appropriate title with an inappropriate thumbnail, people are unlikely to watch your content. The thumbnail is the first impression of your content on your audience, therefore it must be relevant with improved pixels.
  2. Collaborations: If you collaborate with other YouTubers, you automatically gain exposure from another artist’s fan-base. Their fans will also view your channel thus manifesting view and subscriptions.
  3. Interact: It’s extremely important to interact with your audiences. They make you famous and therefore, responding or at least liking their comment is a MUST. This will foster a beneficial relationship between you and your fans as they will feel a personal sense of connection with you and will look forward to your videos.
  4. Stay active: To gain subscriptions or increase your view count, it is necessary to upload videos which are varied and unique. Keep on uploading fresh content which will keep your audience engaged. In case you are lacking content, you can organise shorts contests or giveaways which will at least keep you active in the community.
  5. Use other social media formats: Strictly sticking to YouTube is not an ideal path for social media influencers. You can link all your YouTube videos to your Facebook timeline by using the FBLinker YouTube tool which you will get on This Facebook linker YouTube tool is free and it will directly connect your YouTube video to Facebook without the hassle of uploading the same video twice on both the platforms. On Facebook, people know you personally so request your friends and family to share your video.

You can now create a fan-base on Facebook as well and this will give you an access to reach out to a wide scale of audience.

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